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March 24, 2018 »» Just Another Blowhard Who Got Himself Blown Up?

We all knew the rubber was going to have to hit the hard road someday. March 23, 2018 might be a day on the calendar on which the rubber hit the road good and hard. Donald Trump sounded like a choking hostage victim (your correspondent heard him on the radio without the benefit of beautiful pictures). Trump sounds real bad, particularly when he seems to be choking.

Candidate Trump in 2016 incessantly boasted that he would make Mexico pay for THE WALL. Even his most fervent supporters knew that this was pretty much an most idle promise but they preferred to indulge him anyway, being the first Republican to at least talk about curbing illegal immigration. After all, they were eager to cut Donald Trump some slack : for he had become their hero, their Shining White Knight in Golden Armor, if you will. (Yeah, it sounds ridiculous now, in the hard, unforgiving light of recent events).

Who else was there to attack that sad sack and scurrilous bunch of hacks and RINOs who stood on either side of the Trumpster up there on stage during the GOP candidate debates? Trump’s constant refrain about Mexico paying for THE WALL was strictly campaign performance art, when all was said and done. Surely, if Trump ever got to be President he would manage to squeeze the odd 25 billion smackeroos for THE WALL out of an annual federal budget which is quickly approaching 4 trillion? Well, think again! We know the Democrats want to import every last wretched specimen of Third-World scum until said scum votes, votes, and votes for the Jackass party until the end of recorded time. We knew that the Republicans, in both houses of Congress, were only too happy to fund Obama’s November 2014 unconstitutional amnesty for the parents of Obama’s June 2012 unconstitutional amnesty of Obama’s beloved DACA kiddies and DACA felons and DACA dancers.

So it is now no surprise that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell refuse to cough up that measly $25 billion. So here we are : at a real lousy crossroads. After only 14 months in the White House, Donald J. Trump has become the unwitting hostage of the ongoing Third-World invasion into the United States, an LBJ nightmare diabolically conceived in 1965 in the confused aftermath of the Kennedy assassination. Trump, just another lying, weaselly, worthless Republican blowhard or perhaps, could it be that this is Stormy Daniels' Vicious Revenge? Is this the price this country must forever pay for a whore's big tits?

March 23, 2018 »» Part 463 : All Obama's Sons . . .

In today’s editions of the New York Daily News, the criminal actions of Jamaican national Micah Brown are featured on page 14. According to ICE, Mr. Brown entered this country in 2014 and cavalierly overstayed his tourist visa. On September 8, 2017, he came to the attention of the NYPD when he hit a five-year-old girl while driving a gypsy minivan. He did not remain at the scene of the motor accident but chose to leave it in great haste because he did not have a license to operate said minivan. Police caught up with him and he was arrested. Somehow, and the article does not say how, Micah Brown came to the attention of the federal immigration authorities. On Sept. 19, 2017, ICE issued an “immigration detainer” because he was a 2014 visa over-stayer. The NYPD ignored the federal detainer and released him. New York City has long been a “sanctuary city”. Hit and run, committed by illegal aliens, is not considered a serious criminal offense there, although if you are an American citizen you might have a big problem with the cops unless you are a former Police Commissioner (Howard Safir).

On October 1, 2017, Micah Brown was arrested for spray-painting his ex-girlfriend’s sister’s BMW. This time he was released without ICE being informed in any manner, shape, or form. Spray-painting a BMW is still considered a pretty bad thing in New York unless you are a Democrat candidate running for higher office (use your wild imagination).

On February 25th of this year, Micah Brown got into an argument with Anthony Teil at the Archer Avenue subway station in Jamaica, Queens. Brown shut up Teil permanently by plunging an ice pick into his chest. Alisa Wellek, Executive Director of the Immigrant Defense Project, seems to be bothered by the publicity which this illegal alien ice pick murder has caused. She says – – – and seemingly with a straight face – – – “ICE is always looking for the worst case scenario to validate its broad mandate to arrest as many immigrants as possible and warp the public’s perception of sanctuary cities.”

Isn’t it terrible how one bad apple, with an ice pick, can ruin it all for the good illegal aliens in New York? Ice pick killings by POC illegals don’t happen every day, now do they? Just ask Alisa Wellek because she knows what’s good for you, you Racist, you! - - - and don’t you forget it! So there!

Mar. 21, 2018 »» Spell Check® That, Donald Drumpf!

Mar. 21, 2018 »» Hillary Clinton's Role Model . . .

Mar. 21, 2018 »» Bob "Turtle Trap" Mueller (The Early Years!) . . .

March 20, 2018 »» The "Multi-Cultural" Lefty Prostitutes . . .
                                                          perp walk

In the Seventies, it was the Left that questioned the blatant overreach and inherent lawlessness of US intelligence agencies, notably the CIA and the FBI. 70% of the American public believed that President Kennedy had been killed by the “Deep State” on November 22, 1963 in Dallas. The Church Committee and the House Committee on Assassinations pointed an accusatory finger at the suspicious actions of the CIA and the FBI on that day. That old sham, which was the 1964 Warren Commission report, had been utterly discredited by the sunlight of outside skeptical investigation. J. Edgar Hoover was dead. Politicians, on whom he kept mountains of incriminating files, delighted in figuratively pissing on his grave and laughing over the rumor that he liked to wear bespangled cocktail dresses on special occasions.

More than 40 years on, it is now the "multi-cultural" Left that fully supports the US intelligence agencies. The "multi-cultural" Left praises the CIA and the FBI to the skies because, over the Obama time-line of 2009-2017, the dubiously qualified personnel CIA and the FBI became the eager and willing minions of the Democrat Party. In his defense, so that he could claim a fat government pension at age 50 rather than at 57, ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe blandly noted that his boss, James Comey, habitually leaked confidential FBI files to the Trump-hating press and that he, lil' ole Andy McCabe, was just going along to get along at the end of twenty years of meritorious government snooping. James Bamford, an old-line Lefty and most definitely not a Trump-lover, bemoans the fact that the Left was once eager to question the activities of the CIA and the FBI, but it now embraces these unashamedly and politically corrupt agencies with an almost pornographic fervor. CLICK HERE.

                                                          smith beer

March 18, 2018 »»  . . . A DNC Guided Missile Detonates Prematurely.
Andrew McCabe started working for the FBI in New York sometime in 1996. The Democrat Party had so much faith in him that on January 29, 2016, he became Deputy Director of the FBI and James Comey's trusted right-hand man. McCabe distinguished himself by playing a leading role in making sure that Hillary Clinton was not brought to book for destroying about 33,000 federal government documents, which were prime instances of incriminating evidence, leading to that well-known shakedown operation called THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. It now appears that McCabe has fallen a few months short of a fully-vested, very juicy 20-yr. federal civil service law-enforcement pension - - - after January 29, 2016, McCabe was a federal political appointee and no longer earning any civil-service pension credits.
Flamboyant homosexual Congressman Mark Pocan (D.-Wis.) has offered to put McCabe back on the civil service payroll for a few months, so loyal Dem. McCabe would then be able to make it through onto his magical twenty years of federal civil-service permanent pension payout bliss.

Does protecting a homosexual Congressman, in a series of trans-gender bath-houses, qualify a faithful grey-haired federal bodyguard for extra hazard pay and an ever bigger pension?Just asking!  . . . (vicious and dastardly presidential firing of career civil service loyal Democrats probably means that Trump will be indicted for "obstruction of justice" by Robert "Turtle Trap" Mueller - - - sometime around 2023).

March 15, 2018 »» A Travelogue Worthy of Your Attention . . .
Linh Dinh has a remarkably good 2,700 word travel essay about an illegal Vietnamese immigrant community in Cambodia in unz.com. The National Geographic used to publish this sort of thing all the time before that publication became a risible DNC tear-sheet.
The fair-haired young girl in the photo looks like she might have a bit of European blood in her or perhaps she's just a child prostitute, whose appearance is simply a clever Con, made up on the fly, in order to attract old American tourists who lost their minds in the Southeast Asia wars of fifty and forty-five years ago. (CLICK HERE).

March 13, 2018 »» Oakland Mayor : One, if by land; Two, if by sea . . .

March 13, 2018 »» Hitting the Bottle Again?

March 11, 2018 »» Who Won the FA Cup in 1949?

March 9, 2018 »» Kamala Harris : All the Way in 2020!


March 8, 2018 »» Alex Jones Is On Vacation . . .

Mar. 7, 2018 »» The Rat Party & Its Rat Leaders & Obedient Rat Members . . .
Doesn't Angela Merkel, the discredited and universally hated Chancellor of Germany (except by German bureaucrats and the complete editorial staff of the Economist magazine), look more rat-like in appearance with each passing day?

She is probably able to collapse her ribs and crawl through small openings in sewer systems and upstairs toilets in a pinch or in a political emergency!

March 7, 2018 »» Italian Left Loses, Blames Bo-hunks & Poles.
The Italian Left gained power in 2013 with less than 30% of the overall vote (the 2013 election law has since been amended. Now a winning coalition needs at least 40% of the overall vote to gain a majority of seats in the Chamber of Deputies). On Sunday, all the Italian Left got was 23% of the overall vote. The "hard Right," meaning those political parties which promised to deport Third-World economic migrants, gained 36% of the overall vote. The chi-chi, vaguely Leftist 5-Star movement got 32% of the overall vote (5-Star is vaguely against the continuing invasion of Italy by the Third-World but only in a vaguely, chi-chi Lefty sort of way. If 5-Star form a coalition with the "hard Right," they will undoubtedly turn out to be a constant pain in the ass for everyone concerned, including themselves).

The Italian Left blames countries like Hungry, Poland, and the Czech Republic for not taking in the overflow of Italy's surfeit of Third-World economic migrants. If these former Warsaw Pact countries had simply taken in the huge Italian overflow, then perhaps the Italian Left would not have been so badly shellacked at the polls on Sunday. These former Warsaw Pact countries refused "to take their fair share of migrants," complains and moans the Italian Left most bitterly - - - also Putin may have done a thing or two of an underhanded nature  - - - and Trump was probably a malign influence on Italian attitudes in general, in a sort of overbearing and typical American way. A lot of Italians like Trump. He reminds them of Belusconi but looks a lot less like an animated corpse.

Mar. 6, 1924 »» Dead for 3,200 Years, Revealed to the "Modern" World . . .

March 6, 2018 »» Say It Ain't So, Black Panther :

(Affirmative Action Strikes Again!)

March 5, 1953 »» The World Mourns is Relieved . . .

March 5, 2018 »» Not Your Grandfather's Marilyn Monroe . . .
Once upon a time, Hollywood delivered powerful images of imaginary sex and fantastical riches. Nowadays, all that Hollywood is capable of doing is spouting mindless Lefty boilerplate that is disgusting to hear and to behold - - - you desperately need a sturdy brown vomit bag to make it through to the end of most contemporary Hollywood movies.

Last night at the Oscar ceremonies, two foreign actresses(?), from Wakanda and from other Third-World shithole places, declared their support for never-ending border jumping and expired tourist visas, which will be valid until the next Obama executive amnesty. The TeeVee ratings for last night's stinking Cleveland steamer will most likely set a new broadcast low.

March 4, 2018 »» The Ever Percolating Mud Volcano . . .
The seemingly permanent Trump-persecutor, Robert "Turtle Trap" Mueller, is now looking into the nefarious activities of George Nader, a hard-working lobbyist for the United Arab Emirates. It would appear that Trump may have colluded with Nader in 2016 by giving the go-ahead to launder Nader's illicit foreign campaign contributions, that were oleaginously greased through various unlawfully set-up buffers, precisely meant to enrich the Trump campaign with UAE moolah!

÷  ÷  ÷  ÷  ÷
Wasn't Robert "Turtle Trap" Mueller the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation when US Sec. of State Hillary Clinton funneled 143 million dollars through THE CLINTON FOUNDATION, selling off 20% of US uranium fields to the Russians through a Canadian company, which was nothing but a poorly disguised business front? How come ole "Turtle Trap" wasn't on the case way back when - - - you know, during the Obama Administration?

March 2, 2018 »» You Don't Say, Old Boy . . .
London experienced 6,392 reported rapes in 2016. In 2017, the city had 7,613 reported rapes - - - an increase of almost 20%. "There is something going on with sexual offending in London that we don't understand - - - the cause of it. We see the end of it but we don't understand the causes." Deputy Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police Sir Craig MacKey has so declared. He should not be so completely surprised.

Were it not for the large Polish community and some raggle-taggle Gypsy pickpockets from Romania, "White Londoners" would be in a minority in a city which appears to be drowning in Third-World immigrants and their very frisky progeny.  At this point in time, the term "White Londoners" is being broadly and comprehensively defined.

February 27, 2018 »» Even Worse than the Queens DA's Office?
Crystal Rivera, an attorney working in the Sex Crimes Unit of the Bronx District Attorney's office, claims that most of the public servants employed there get hammered - - - booze and drugs from the evidence bin - - - on an almost daily basis and have sex with each other on desks and in closets on an almost daily basis.

We're shocked, shocked! What's this world coming to?

February 27, 2018 »» A Drunken Easter Bunny Killer . . .
On the regular American Airlines, Sunday Nashville to Dallas flight, drunken ex-Navy Seal Rob O'Neil called a female flight attendant a "cunt."
faked wh
Such uncouth behavior got O'Neil thrown off the plane. O'Neil was a member of the famous Seal Team 6 team which killed The Easter Bunny bin-Laden in May of 2011. Our Hero!

February 26, 2018 »» Part 463 : The Table Setters . . .
Le sujet de la semaine is gun control. If you dare to mention that the Broward County police stood down and let the lunatic massacre go on for an unconscionable length of time, you are a Racist or something.

Whoever doubted, that the Left are still the exclusive table setters when it comes to political debate, is fooling themselves. "Democracy Dies in Darkness" is but a mendacious smokescreen fronting for an ardent communist slogan which should forever be on the Washington Post's masthead : SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!

Feb. 26, 2018 »» Get in Your Spaceship & Travel Off to Nowheresville . . .
The origins of the Black Lives Matter movement have been discovered. It wasn't George Soros who started it all but a bottle of brandy, passed from hand to hand.
Here you see Bill Crystal as the young White mastermind. He has aged a lot over the years.

February 26, 2018 »» In Beautiful, Subtle Eastman-Colour® . . .
Hayley Mills Says "Yes" in "Take A Girl Like You" (1969)

Feb. 22, 2018 »» Anarchy Make Over : ANTIFA Has Great Tits!

Feb. 22, 2018 »» "Turtle Trap" Indicts Manafort Again . . .
He's gonna keep doing it until he gets it right. (no one can understand a single word he says!).

February 22, 2018 »» Just Mowing the Grass is Good Enough . . .
Despite an obvious constant struggle to suppress the heavily drugged side effects of tardive dyskinesia, Nancy Pelosi has enough energy left in her withered frame to form a pretty funny view of how border control should work. She seems to think that border jumpers from Mexico usually hide in the tall grass, so as not to draw the laser-like attention of the US Border Patrol.

No, Nan, the Central American border jumpers just keep moving on, far into the interior of this country, where they offload their illicit wares. They don't give a damn about no stinkin' badges or a nice looking lawn. A double barrier, like the one the Israelis have, would probably work plentifully to discourage the determined invaders from the south.

And while we're on the regrettable subject of Nancy Pelosi, this bat-shit crazy woman believes that miscegenation will somehow save this country from racial strife. She thinks that if enough hot young non-White women get into bed with enough White men, this new beautiful mixture, that would be the result of such a blessed coupling, would bring about paradise on earth.
Again, Nan, you couldn't be more warped in your assessment of the current invasion-situation in these parts.
The foreign non-Whites are not streaming in here to offer free Nookie to all comers, but to grab as many welfare bennies as they can and then to keep on grabbing. Whatever drugs she's taking are leaving ole Nan in a very confused state of mind. As they say in Harlem : her brain is a Happy Meal® short of an order of fries!

Feb. 21, 2018 »» Jim Carrey : The 2nd Coming of Karen Carpenter?

February 21, 2018 »» The Unrelenting Drumbeat of the Here & Now . . .
The painfully obvious fact that the Spanish-surnamed school shooter in Florida got away with wildly aberrant criminal behavior only because he had a Spanish surname is starting to overshadow the Lefty media's incessant cry for the banning of all semi-automatic firearms may just be the beginning of the first chinks in a seamless "narrative." If Cruz had been categorized as "White" he would have been locked up in a walled loony bin years long before he could go into that High School and kill seventeen victims at random.

It now appears that it was not ultimately the AR-15 that was fatal but rather it was the policy of Affirmative Action in compiling crime statistics that had its constant prejudicial finger on the lethal trigger. Thanks to Affirmative Action, the public mind has been festooned with suicidal stupidity, so much so that Affirmative Action in meeting out punishment has become a locked-in policy that some unfortunates must always die in upholding the ultimate and debased cause of its application throughout the American criminal justice system.

February 20, 2018 »» Arkancide in France?
A headless and legless torso was pulled out of the Loire river, near Nantes, by French police yesterday. The human remains were in a very advanced state of decomposition. Bill Clinton resigned the office of Governor of the state of Arkansas, before leaving for Washington, DC, in January of 1993. After French authorities complete a forensic autopsy this afternoon in Nantes, will they file a homicide writ, through Interpol, to have Bill Clinton extradited?

Feb. 19, 2018 »» That Old Double Standard Has Got "Turtle Trap" in Its Spell!
Bob Mueller's indictment of that rinky-dink Russian troll farm has got all honest constitutional and civil rights lawyers talking - - - and yes, there are still a few reputable lawyers left in the United States, who were not corrupted by Hillary Clinton's decades-long bribery spree that started at the Rose Law firm (and which started in Little Rock, circa 1977)! CLICK HERE for more info. (Bob Mueller's nickname, when he was director of the FBI, was "Turtle Trap," meaning he moves slowly and never gets his man!).

(Last Week, Hillary Clinton Showed Up at the Headquarters of the
CLINTON FOUNDATION with a Red Marker & Attempted to Shift the
Blame About the Missing Funds in the Haitian Earthquake
Relief Accounts). Of course, She Denies Culpability

February 18, 2018 »» Trump Gets the Wrong End of the Arse . . .
Trump has tweeted that the Russians are "laughing their asses off" over the "collusion" hoax. He likely meant CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the Lefty cohort. The prospect still remains that Mueller will indict Trump for firing bent Comey. Lefty lunacy recognizes no bounds in this world or within the confines of Hell.

February 17, 2018 »» Wray's FBI : Return to Zero?
After the Trump-Russia "dirty" dossier fiasco, Comey's leaking of super secret "obstruction of justice" memos to the New York Times, and the latest Florida school massacre by a lunatic gunman - - - whose prior bouts of insanity were well known to the FBI - - - can the FBI descend down to an even lower rung of estimation in the eyes of the public?

It must be recalled that J. Edgar Hoover frequently sent racoon turds to the FBI lab to be analyzed for rabies, if said suspect turds had been discovered within the boundaries of Hoover's property, played an active role in altering vital evidence of the Dallas assassination of President Kennedy and had appointed his boyfriend to be the FBI's deputy director. How might Wray beat out Hoover as a law enforcement trailblazer in the months and years to come?

February 17, 2018 »» Mueller to Hillary : Look into My Eyes . . .
you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm.

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February 16, 2018 »» Once You Go Black, You Can Never Go Back!
Do You know that Queen Divine Justice is Black Panther's protégée? Did you know that Wakanda was once a paradise but only because the outside world (meaning White people) never found the true unblocked land passage or sea route to Wakanda, so therefore Wakanda had previously stayed pure and unmolested by noxious outside influences? Do you know that the Black Panther can easily wrestle RINOs to the ground? Do you know that the Black Panther can smell fear and sniff out lies (send him to Washington, DC - - - where his Super Powers can be used to pass a "clean" DACA bill!).

Do you know that the reason that both Detroit and Baltimore are now so totally fucked up is because those cities were built by really fucked up White people and because these really fucked up White people forced their former hybrid slaves to live in Detroit and Baltimore and watch at least eight hours of TeeVee a day and eat at least 2 super large bags of Wise® BBQ potato chips before sundown and sit on greasy red tartan sofas for their entire lives, which is why Detroit and Baltimore are now so totally and completely noxious cities that are now so totally and completely fucked up. Well, now you know. If you ask stupid questions, you get stupid answers!

                                                          pather's best
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