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        In the Old Days, England had the Rack.
Nowadays, England has the Press.

- Oscar Wilde, After Receiving a Sentence of 2 Years Hard Labor (1895).

August 20, 2017
»» Dick Gregory, 1932 - 2017.
In 1961 > > > Last time I was down South, I walked into a Whites-only restaurant but the waitress stopped me from getting a table. She told me : "We don't serve colored people in here." I told her : "That's a good thing because I have no intention whatsoever of eating colored people in here or anywhere else! Just bring me a plate of fried chicken and a cup of coffee, black!"
In 1999 > > > Last time I was in Washington, I thought I would go down to the National Archives building and take a look at President Kennedy's brain, where they keep it in a jar of formaldehyde behind the front desk, over by the front door. But the receptionist stopped me when I asked to see it. "It's lost," she said. "What do you mean by 'lost,'" I said. "Well," she said, "we mailed it to CIA headquarters and they mailed it to General Westmoreland in Saigon and he chopped it up into little pieces and used the pieces to bomb Hanoi." "That settles it," I said. "You can't argue over a thing when you are faced with pure logic."

August 18, 2017 »» . . . With A Multi-Cultural Rebel Yell!
Just like when it seemed that every last pale male had been purged from the Democrat Party, ANTIFA came roaring to life last Saturday, protected by the local Lefty police, and full of piss and vinegar and ready with flamethrowers and clubs to lay low all Racists, Republicans, and Nazis!

ANTIFA is now a major force in Lefty (AKA Democrat) politics. But the ANTIFA candidate of 2020 can't be a pale male, even so. Try 5 sexes and 7 racial admixtures - - - that would be the perfect presidential candidate! Street Brawlers of The Nation, Unite! Faster, Pussycat - - - KILL! KILL! KILL!

Aug. 17, 2017 »» White Racism Almost Proves Fatal . . .
Last Saturday, in Virginia, a conniving White racist almost caused the death of a Person of Color. With foreknowledge and malicious intent, the White racist asked an unsuspecting passerby to help him light a long, fake Confederate cigar that possessed special magnetic properties which deviously attract flame as well as metal. The duped person of color was very lucky not to be caught up in the ensuing explosion caused by the long, fake Confederate cigar.
Be on the lookout for this White racist, seen here on the left side of the photo, which has been posted below. Do not, we repeat do not, offer to give this man a light from your flamethrower Ronson®. He is to be avoided absolutely and at all costs. Upon seeing this man, call either Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell immediately and they will tell sympathetic Democrats where to find him. White Racism in this country needs to be mercilessly stamped out!

Aug. 16, 2017 »» NEWS FLASH : The Cat in The Hat is Racist.

Time to Commit Suicide, Whitey!

Aug. 16, 2017 »» Ex-Prezzy O'Bimbo's Most Recent Tweet!

Aug. 16, 2017 »» Surprise : The NY Daily News Calls Trump THE DEVIL!

August 16, 2017 »» Another Hillary Typo . . .
In 2008, Hillary drank boilermakers. CORRECTION : In 2008, Hillary drank with boilermakers.

Aug. 16, 2017 »» The New Astronaut Program : Trump Goes Into Orbit!

August 16, 2017 »» Trump Notices Antifa!

(Nothing to See Here, Folks, MOVE ALONG!)

Aug. 15, 2017 »» Time to Get Rid of the Jefferson Nickel!
                                                          turner news
The felonious mug of Thomas Jefferson has been on the US 5¢ piece since 1938. He was a slave-holder and the vicious rapist of a slave quadroon in his illicit possession, Sally Hemmings. She was just 14 years old when she was heinously violated by that unspeakable 18th Century White Devil who invented the whole concept of White Privilege and getting some juicy slave poon while it was shackled to a plow on the plantation whenever he had a mind to do so without excuses!
Write or call the US Capitol. Put the famous freedom fighter Nat Turner on the new nickel! Contact your 2 US Senators and the Congressman of the haphazardly White-drawn district where you abide before the White Devil burns you out of house & home! NAT TURNER sure killed his fair share of evil White women and Satanic children before they could put him back in chains before they hung him on trumped up charges when everybody knows it was really self-defense!
MASTER & VICTIM : She was Raped at the Tender Age of Fourteen!

Aug. 15, 2017 »» Evidence of Flagrant Vandalism in Durham, NC . . .

Will The Mayor Enforce the Law?
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Aug. 14, 2017 »» Diminishing Rhetorical Returns . . .
Professional Lefties and media whores would be kidding themselves to the point of severe self-abuse if they think they can get away with blaming Trump or General Whitey for the Saturday afternoon Antifa rioting in Virginia. Unedited reel of crazed snot-nosed kiddies with sticks, bottles - - - and yes, home-made flamethrowers  - - - are all over the Internet. Sane people who want to get unfiltered news have given up on the New York Times and the Washington Post a long, long time ago. The electronic versions of these information organs have ceased to supply unbiased news and became nothing less than DNC tear-sheets round about the time when Monica Lewinsky eagerly wrapped her lips around Bill Clinton's fifth leg.

In the Berlin of February, 1945 anti-Jew propaganda was being pumped out as assiduously as ever by the Nazi Party. The big hitch was that the eyes and ears of Germany's half-dead survivors were no longer available to digest clapped out propaganda, which had been fashioned and produced in a more peaceful and leisurely time : hating the Jews in 1935 seemed novel and perhaps even a little bit funny in Hitler's bottled-up Germany. All your 1945 Berliner cared about were those ear-splitting Red Army katushas, they were called "Stalin's Organs," rocketing in from the cold East. Reality trumps Fantasy, always - - - particularly on an empty stomach!

August 13, 2017 »» Murderous Intent or Self-Defense?
Was the driver of the car, caught up in yesterday's homicidal incident in Virginia, murderously inclined or was he simply trying to escape the clutches of a blood-thirsty multitude of Antifa rioters, who had set upon him with an unreasonable malevolent purpose, which is the common characteristic of a mindless and uncontrollable mob?
Precise details of the Virginia incident are still sketchy at this point in time. A driven car, swerving or going forward, is a perfectly acceptable legal argument of self-defense for a Defendant in a criminal case, when or if said driver had been previously attacked or is being attacked by a vicious mob that collectively wishes to do him harm or had collectively done injury to said blameless driver of a motor vehicle at a prior juncture of time or wishes to work harm at an impending moment of time.

August 10, 2017 »» Part 463 : Testing Out A New Laptop Stand . . .
Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.  The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.  TRUMP SUCKS. TRUMP SUCKS. TRUMP SUCKS. qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./


Aug. 8, 2017 »» The Queens DA Investigates Russian Collusion!

The "Lemon Squeezer" is On the Case!

On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for [Putin] to give me space. . . . This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.
- - - US President Barack Obama "Colludes" with the Russians in 2012.

Aug. 8, 2017 »» LiL KiM Goes for the White Vote!
Obama Snowed Her Under in the '08 Dem. Primaries,
But As a Park Ave. WASP She Will Take Wisconsin
In a Landslide in the 2020 General Election

August 5, 2017 »» An Actual Crime?
It was a joke - - - and an outrageous open joke at that - - - that Dennis Hastert was on the make during his eight years as the Republican Speaker of the US House of Representatives (Jan., 1999- Jan., 2007). The strongest rumor about "Denny" was that he was taking large amounts of cash in manila envelopes from agents of the Turkish government but, as is the natural way of cash in manila envelopes from foreign governments, these supposed bribes were untraceable and therefore "Denny" never got "knocked" (arrested) for taking baksheesh and illicit boodle form the Turks.

Hillary Clinton didn't get knocked either and she shook-down Third-World dictators for $350 million dollars and funneled this magnificent intake of baksheesh through THE CLINTON FOUNDATION and neither Loretta Lynch nor James Comey seemed to care not in the least. Donald J. Trump, NYC Real Estate Mogul, called Bill & Hillary "good people" after the 2016 election. Boy, does he wish he could take that remark back, nowadays!

But Robert Mueller, he of the Trump-and-the-Russians-Hacked-or-Colluded-to-Influence-or-Steal-the-Election US Justice Dept. "Office of Special Counsel" (Robert Mueller, his nibs), may have actually stumbled across a real crime, though not of the magnitude of the crimes of Hillary Clinton of course, of course. It seems that THE FLYNN INTEL GROUP received a traceable payment of $530,000 last year from an agent of the Turkish government, Mike Flynn being NSC Advisor in the Trump Administration for a few weeks in January and February of this year before his services were no longer required.  Was this traceable payment a bribe in Washington, District of Criminals reality? If Flynn goes down for taking a bribe, won't Hillary have to be fitted for an orange jumpsuit, too? - - - after all, where Hillary is concerned, she didn't just shakedown the Turks!
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"Los Angeles is a Suburb in Search of a City."

- - - Attributed to Orson Welles, But Said
By Hundreds Before His Time.

Aug. 4, 2017 »» Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More!
The cancer-ridden brain of Johnny "Wet Start" McCain sees an opening towards - - - WAIT FOR IT! - - - Amnesty! Having failed to achieve his goal of letting 30 million foreign criminals run wild at the voting booths of the nation, thereby guaranteeing perpetual Marxist control of the United States under the Democrats, until the country collapses into warring sections, Johnny "Wet Start" wants to give it one more try, having failed in 2006 & 2007!

It's a race between brain cancer and national suicide. The survivors of the USS Forrestal have just upchucked their lunch and for good reason : Johnny "Wet Start" is deadly and looking to sacrifice Whitey on the satanic altar of the Third-World one more time before he descends into Hell! If Johnny "Wet Start" could fart out one more wet start and set fire to the known universe, he would! Only natural Death can remove Johnny "Wet Start" from the frame! Is this particular case of Arizona brain cancer Heaven-sent?

Another Swedish Marriage

Jim Marrs : 1943-2017.

Aug. 3, 2017 »» Sy Hersh Throws in His 2¢ About Seth Rich . . .

Aug. 2, 2017 »» Phase 463 : Another Failed Mind Meld!
Despite holding absolute sway over the stooge Republicans, the Jackass Party still doesn't have enough votes yet to successfully carry a Bill of Impeachment against President Trump in the US House of Representatives. Keep trying, Spock! You'll get there in the end!

Aug. 1, 2017 »» Confucius Reigns : The Trump-China Hoax : The Movie!

August 1, 2017 »» A Flake Gets Even More Flaky . . .
US Senator Jeff Flake (R.-Arizona) has a big problem. He has to beat a tough GOP primary opponent next year. Said primary opponent is making a big deal about Sen. Flake's participation in the 2013 Gang of Eight legislative shenanigans for Third-World Amnesty.

So it's time to go the full Bulworth by Flake's flaky lights. Sen. Flake has a new political book out in which he cavalierly insults base Republican voters and President Trump. The New York Times likes it. No surprises there! Way to go, Senator. You should win re-election in a landslide. Just ask President Jeb Bush!

July 31, 2017 »» Is The CIA Gunning for Kim?
The CIA had its active hit squads all over the world during the 1950s and the 1960s. The CIA was so active that it even took part in the events of November 22, 1963 in Dallas.

 A targeted assassination against North Korea's Kim Jong Un seems to be very much on the mind of Trump's CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Is Kim crazy enough to nuke the US mainland before Trump and Pompeo get crazy enough to earn a North Korean "button?"

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July 31, 2017
»» Italy 2065 : Out of Africa . . .
The numbers are absolutely nightmarish : in 2065 more than half of the population of Italy will be non-Italian in ethnicity. In 2002, 2.38% of the Italian population was ethnically non-Italian. In 2017, Italy's current population is 8.33% non-Italian. The invasion of Italy in the Fifth Century AD - - - by the Goths and the Vandals - - - occurred on a much smaller scale and, in what were the absolute numbers of a foreign and barbaric population rapidly breaching Italy's interior borders, a foreign invasion which was foisted solely through the operation of brutal warfare and uninvited conquest.

But, then again, in the Fifth Century AD, there was no New York Times, no Economist, no CNN, no NPR, telling the benumbed and bemused citizens of all Western nations that a foreign invasion from the Third-World would be sure to increase the GDP and would be sure to enrich Western culture and that increased Third-World barbarism would be sure to guarantee a kind of perpetual societal peacefulness by means of a kind of non-White racial exaltation. Hence the death of a nation is somehow deemed a multi-ethnic second birth. Faust had his Devil and we have our Lefty media, lulling Western souls into hypnotic suicidal complacency.

July 29, 2017 »» Shake It Up!
The sailors and officers of USS Forrestal learned all about Navy flyer John McCain on July 29, 1967. According to them, he accidentally killed and grievously wounded a whole lot of them and nearly sunk the ship, just because "Wet-Start" Johnny thought it would be kind of neat-o-torpedo to shake up the place up with his own special brand of high jinx.

US Senate Floor Leader Mitch McConnell now has a pressing problem. He has a "war hero" who, in his dying days, wants to shake things up in the US Senate just for the Hell of it! Hey, Mitch, what "Wet-Start" did to the USS Forrestal - - - well, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Now he's got you and Trump in his crazed, cancer-ridden sights! Bombs Away! John McCain : the latest EXHIBIT A for term limits!

July 27, 2017 »» Caught Colluding with a Pakistani Passport . . .
Imran Awan was charged the other day in federal court with bank fraud. It seems he tried to use O'Bimbo
                                                          2c Stampproperty that he did not own - - - but was, in fact, rented - - - to secure as collateral against a mortgage on a new home which he was hoping to purchase. Hearing that the jig was up, Awan had headed for the nearest airport. The FBI arrested him while he was holding his Pakistani Passport. Awan also claims to be a US citizen. Just last year, Awan was in the news as Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann-Schultz's most trusted IT guy. Wassermann-Schultz was also chairwoman of the DNC before she had to resign last year for trying to cheat Bernie Sanders out of his primary chances against Hillary. According to WikiLeaks, the DNC computers were lousy with kiddie porn traffic.

Stay tuned. You never know. Awan might decide to sing like a canary now that his miserable neck is in the proverbial noose. As for Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann-Schultz : she is a good Democrat and Democrats, good, bad, or indifferent, are incapable of any kind of self-awareness!

July 27, 2017 »» Chronicle of An Own-Goal . . .
How did we get to the point where the President wants to fire his freshly minted Attorney General and replace him by using the process of a recess appointment? As per usual, Andrew Napolitano nails it. CLICK HERE.

July 25, 2017 »» The DEMS Always Play Hardball (FUCK TRUMP 4EVER!).
Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States on November 8, 2016. White turnout was up by 2%. Black turnout was down by 6%. Hillary Clinton beat him by 29% in California - - - for all intents and purposes a Third-World country, thanks to the Reagan Amnesty of 1986 and continuing Third-World immigration. THE TRUMPSTER called Bill & Hill "good people" after he won the election.

Then came the Democrat concocted Trump-colluded-with-the-Russians hoax, which is still going strong to this very day. Trump is pissed off with his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, suggesting, day in and day out, that ole Jeff quit before he's fired. It seems that ole Jeff won't prosecute Felonious Pantsuit for the worldwide shakedown operation she ran when she was O'Bimbo's Secretary of State. Trump thought that by promising Bill & Hill he would not examine the bent books of THE CLINTON FOUNDATION, the Dems would show him some love back. DELUSIONAL is not a river than runs through Egypt but it should be!
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July 25, 2017 »» Another Bent "Hero" . . .
The "Swimming Pigs" of The Bahamas are Notorious for Sometimes Committing Suicide.
Now that John "Wet Fire" McCain appears to be ready to shuffle off this mortal coil, we might safely recall McCain's dealings with Charles Keating and his Lincoln Savings & Loan of Southern California (29 branches in total, all in California), when McCain was a not so humble Congressman from Arizona.

Newspaper reports from 1989 state that McCain and his second wife accepted several free vacation trips to The Bahamas from Lincoln Savings, which were always claimed by Lincoln Savings bookkeepers as legitimate Lincoln Savings executive travel expenses to the IRS. McCain's second wife and her father were also on Lincoln Savings books as holding in excess of more than $350,000 in Lincoln securities, which had been sold to McCain's second wife and her wealthy father at a drastically discounted rate.

Charles Keating took control of Lincoln Savings & Loan in 1984. At that time, its booked assets were a little more than 1 billion dollars in totality. In 1988, its booked assets were a little less than 6 billion dollars. After a bank run in 1989, Lincoln Savings & Loan crashed and was absorbed by Great West Bank, during the course of the same year. Keating could count on Congressman McCain and the four other members of "The Keating Five" to constantly put pressure on federal bank examiners to stay far away from Lincoln's crooked books.

None of "The Keating Five" ever went to jail but Charles Keating did. The federal government wound up covering about 3 billion dollars worth in Lincoln Savings loses, mostly in the form of Lincoln's dubiously issued and obviously kited bonds; these bonds were determined to be practically worthless in value after federal forensic audits were finally completed in 1989 and 1990.

July 23, 2017 »» 9 Illegals Found Baked to Death in Texas . . .

July 22, 2017 »» LET ME OUT!
Underage party-girl, Therese Hipolito, 20, of New Jersey, had passed out in a Manhattan bar, called Boss Tweed's, in the women's toilet on July 21st, during the bar's late hours, just before closing. When she regained consciousness after 7:00AM, she found herself locked in. She frantically called 911 on her cell phone. Upstairs tenants, too, heard her banging on the walls and the closing grate of the street-level bar, pleading to be let out. NYPD officers could not contact the bar's owner and were therefore forced to pop the bar's grate lock. Seen below »» Therese Hipolito emerges into daylight :

July 20, 2017 ×× Part 463 : Time & Time Wait for No Man . . .
Arizona US Senator John McCain has brain cancer. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (Republican) will appoint a temporary successor after McCain dies or resigns. The next federal election day is November 6, 2018.

Either an elected Democrat or Republican will step in at that time to complete a six-year senatorial term which runs out in January of 2023. God is wonderful to behold when he enforces term limits.

"I'm tried of hearing from you. Don't you have any rope at home?
If you do, then this is what you should do : Go tie a big knot and
Hang yourself or maybe you can go find a gun and blow
Your stupid head off! Stop bothering me! Stop whining!"

(Transcript-Recording of Telephone Call of Fake Broker).
The US Attorney for EDNY arrests a group of "Pump & Dump"
Penny-stock swindlers on Long Island in July of 2017.

July 19, 2017 »» Everything Wrong or Can Go Wrong is Because of Trump!
There are more Racist vehicles on the road these days because of Trump, according to Black Lives Matter. People of Color are receiving inferior and life-destroying medical attention because of Trump. Example : Yunique Morris of Stockton, California, a 15-year old cheerleader, has recently died. She complained of chest pains for two weeks straight but died, earlier this month, after seeing a White doctor. Her doctor sent her home with a prescription for pain-killers but she died anyway. Her doctor probably voted for Trump and probably wanted her to die because she was Black.
Trump Breathed on Her Chest & Gave Her Pneumonia.
Trump Stopped Paying Child-Support so She was Forced to Buy a Short Dress.
Trump Sent Her to a Korean Nail Salon for a Pedicure but His Check Bounced!

July 15, 2017 »» Will Italy Abolish Herself?
In 2013, the Left came to national power in Italy with less than 30% of the popular vote for its candidates to the Chamber of Deputies (somewhat equivalent to the US House of Representatives). But because of the Chamber of Deputies' crazy winner-take-all system of apportionment, the majority of seats were awarded to the Left, simply because the Left could unite (Socialists & ex-Communists) and form a governing coalition while the other parties (mostly Right-leaning), drawing 69% of the overall vote, could not. This has affected immigration policy in particular.
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In 2012, 63,000 foreigners were awarded Italian citizenship, when the Right last controlled the Chamber of Deputies, the Office of Prime Minister, and the executive bureaucracy. Last year, with all the levers of national power under the absolute control of the Left, 205,000 foreigners were granted Italian citizenship. National elections must be held in Italy within nine months, at the latest.
The Left is currently polling a distant third in almost all opinion polls. If these polls are truly the shape things to come, the Italian Left will lose its straggle hold on the Chamber of Deputies in short order and. needless to say, the Italian Left is exceedingly desperate to keep its hold on power in Rome.

The Chamber of Deputies has just abolished a centuries-old statute which mandates that only children born of at least one Italian passport holder is automatically eligible to be declared an Italian citizen at birth. The new statute allows any Left-wing bureaucrat to grant citizenship to an adult or child who can prove residence on Italian soil of more than five-years time.
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The chances of manipulation and bribery, under this new citizenship statute, are endless. The Senate, which is still controlled by Right-wing parties, is the last obstacle to the passage of this Left-wing legislative nightmare. Northern League senators say that they have enough votes to block the Chamber of Deputies' new so-called citizenship "By Culture" law, which would abolish the old "By Blood" law. The Italian Press is unceasing in calling the obstructing Northern League senators Racists - - - of course! The vote in the Italian Senate promises to be a close one. Stay tuned.


Is This The Way Allan Dulles Made the Grassy Knoll Shooters Disappear?
The CIA Dobermans Just Loved the Taste of Featherless BBQ Flesh!

July 13, 2017 »» 2016 German Crime Numbers . . .
In 2016 German citizens committed 191 recorded crimes per 10,000 persons in the general population of Germany. In the same year, Algerian nationals, resident in Germany, committed 5,432 recorded crimes per 10,000 persons in the general population of Germany.

Left-wing German politicians claim that German crime statistics are imbued, from top to bottom, with inherent Racism, claiming that White German crimes are purposely under-reported and that non-White German crimes are being aggressively over-reported in a most prejudicial manner. Angela Merkel is expected to easily win re-election as Chancellor later this year, according to German opinion polls.

July 12, 2017 »» Mueller Has Got to Go!
Yesterday, Investor's Business Daily called for Robert Mueller's recusal in the Trump-colluded-with-the-Russians investigation on the grounds that James Comey was Mueller's protege when they were both members of the GW Bush Administration. IBD is too forgiving of Robert Mueller.

President Trump should summarily cashier Mueller and his troop of highly paid Hillary-loving lawyers. Instead of having US taxpayers foot the bill for a moveable piece of the DNC's 2018 & 2020 agitprop campaign against the GOP, the Dems should be forced to go hat in hand to Wall St. hedge fund managers for campaign contributions for anti-Trump ads. US Taxpayers should not be expected to fund a ridiculous jackass purblind "legal" farce and DNC anti-Trump propaganda!

July 11, 2017 »» Colorado Rolls : The Dead Commit Suicide! Illegals Run Away!
During the period of July 3, 2017 through July 8, 2017, one hundred & eighty registrants have asked to have their names removed from the voting rolls of the state. It seems that a rumor has caught fire in Colorado, which established the widespread fear that the Trump FBI (or non-Comey FBI) now intends to scour Colorado's voting rolls, looking for dud registrations (registrants who are long dead, Mexican Illegals named Gomez with phantom-extended, many-pronged families, all named Jose Gomez, even the women, etc). Using a fake name or being a voting Illegal Alien or voting resident alien is a "serious" crime in the United States - - - except in California or New York, where it makes you a candidate for the Congressional Medal of Honor, at least according to Democrat politicians!

The frightened 180 of the July 3, 2017 through July 8, 2017 period represent a 2,150% increase over those who asked that their names be removed from the voter-rolls during the June 26, 2017 through June 30, 2017 period. The 2016 Colorado election results? : Clinton : 48%; Trump : 43%; Johnson : 5%; Other : 4%. The resurrected dead and the Jose Gomez family went for Hillary Big Time! Will there be enough of them left on the Colorado rolls in 2020 to plump for the Dem. nominee? A zombie Illegal Alien might be able to buoy Democrat victory hopes in Colorado, come 2020!

July 2, 2017 »» Who is Jose Pimentel?

A retired member of the NYPD, and a member in good standing of Detective Club of Jersey City, wants to know.

Jose Pimentel was an Illegal Alien from the Dominican Republic. In 2011, he met up with an “undercover” employee of the NYPD and a paid informant (snitch) of the NYPD. Both the “undercover” and the snitch spend hundreds of hours together with Pimentel getting high - - - or perhaps it should be justly said - - - getting very high. Both the “undercover” and the snitch were wired for sound. In these recordings both the “undercover” and the snitch could be perceived as having egged Pimentel on in a big way. The “undercover” and the snitch egged Pimentel on to such a point of grandiosity that the recordings reveal that Pimentel wanted to blow up various military and public targets in New York and New Jersey.

A very high Jose Pimentel was so high that he can be heard on the NYPD recordings saying that, after successfully carrying out several bombings, he planned to change his name to Osama Hussein in honor of both Osama bin-Laden and Barack Hussein Obama. He was such of a big fan of those two gents, you see?

Both the NYPD “undercover” and the NYPD snitch were seconded to the FBI “Anti-Terrorism” task force at the time of the Pimentel "terrorism" recordings. FBI agents were absolutely appalled when they heard the Pimentel recordings, which the NYPD had proudly turned over to "The Bureau." It was evident that not only was Pimentel very high but that the NYPD “undercover” was quite noticeably high and that the NYPD snitch was so high that he could be said to be hovering somewhere above the stratosphere and unable to come down for a soft landing in the foreseeable future.

The recordings also revealed that Pimentel was obviously mentally retarded. His threats to blow things up were, in sum, grossly incoherent. He had great difficulty finishing multi-syllable words. Achieving complete sentences eluded him. The culminating prepositions of English structural grammar were an unfathomable mystery to him - - - and, of course, he was very high in addition to being simply mentally retarded.

The FBI and the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York would have nothing to do with the concocted “terrorism” case against Pimentel, which was plainly, at bottom, nothing more than an hallucinatory crack pipe dream in monocratic and real terms. But the New York County (Manhattan) District Attorney's Office decided to go ahead on its own when the feds refused to prosecute Pimentel in federal court. The NY DA's Office got the usual “ham sandwich” indictment from the local grand jury after it had been led by the nose. Pimentel, a goofed-up retarded goofball - - - if there ever was one! - - - found himself facing a final sentence of Life in a cold upstate New York prison for the very stupid things he had said or tried to say while he was as high as a proverbial kite.

Long story short : in 2014, Jose Pimentel copped to 16 years in prison rather than risk getting a sentence of Life at the end of a jury trial. The victorious conviction rate of the New York County District Attorney's Office has been lately been reported to be between 85% and 90%. Big dopes, like Pimentel, help to keep said conviction rate on such a high level. Just think of poor, stoopid Jose Pimentel this Fourth of July, Boys & Girls. He is a prime example of a punishment that does not fit the crime!

June 30, 2017
»» Trump & Ryan Make Them Bleed!
Yesterday, the US House of Representatives passed two anti-invader statutes. The first greatly increases federal prison sentences for border jumpers, who are caught within the United States for a second time, after having been previously deported from the United States, and the last denies US DOJ grant-money to states and cities with active "sanctuary" polices, regarding persistent Illegal Aliens, who, for 8 years, looked upon O'Bimbo as Great God Almighty and the farcical essays of US border-control personnel as being as free and easy as any quack gonorrheal screening, conducted by retarded eunuchs, in a clapped-out whore house.

Democrats in the US Senate have threatened to filibuster these two House measures, thereby blocking the House bills and preventing them from ultimately becoming federal statutory law. For the Democrats it's always been Illegal Aliens ÜBER ALLES! Corrupt Dems will never see The Light of Trump! Jump early and jump often but jump for Hillary - - - TOUJOURS PLUS!

JIM MORRISON : December 8, 1943 - July 3, 1971.

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PLANNING AHEAD FOR 2020 : Sen. Kamala Harris (D.-Calif.) Auditions Big Money Donors.

"Your community officer can give you advice on how to prevent crime in your area."

(A Sarcastic Message on Frank Serpico's Answering Machine).

June 22, 2017 »» Kiddie Porn & The DNC.
Last Autumn, WikiLeaks released reams of compromising documents, which the DNC claimed had been "hacked" by the Russians and afterwards turned over to WikiLeaks in the amatory hope that such embarrassing information would swing to presidential election to Donald Trump.

Contained within this "hacked" information were documents showing the intermits and intertwists of a large Kiddie Porn trafficking operation, directed from DNC headquarters. No small wonder then that DNC mugwump kingpins didn't want the FBI snooping anywhere around the DNC's hard-drives! Did somebody say "orange jumpsuit?!"

Just because you don’t speak the language
Doesn’t mean that you can’t understand
Just because you don’t speak the language
Doesn’t mean that you can’t understand.

The twist in the script of the insult
Scrawled on the back of your hand

Torn from the pages of scripture
Sprayed on the wall in the frays of a flag.

Kisses forbidden on lips
And all of your fine clothes worn into rags.

Tripwire, tripwire, tripwire, tripwire.

There’s a tripwire
Tripwire, tripwire, tripwire.

Don’t open the door because they’re coming.
Don’t open the door because they’re here.

Above there’s an ominous humming.
Below there’s a murmur of prayer.

Torn from the pages of scandal
Sprayed on a wall in the frays of the flag.

Kisses forbidden on lips
And all of your fine clothes blown into rags.

Tripwire, tripwire, tripwire, tripwire.
There’s a tripwire.
Tripwire, tripwire, tripwire.

There’s a cross in the line there’s a circus
There’s a voice that you might overhear
There’s a lens making the picture perfect
They say you have nothing to fear.

Torn from the pages of pamphlets
Thrown in the air like confetti in church
Far, far away there’s a target
And the sound of an army just starting to march.

Tripwire, tripwire, tripwire, tripwire.
There’s a tripwire.
Tripwire, tripwire, tripwire.

Just because I don’t read the language
Doesn’t mean that I'm blind to the threat
Though I thought there was more to forgiveness
Than all we conveniently forget.

Torn from the pages of history
Repeated again and again and again
You’re either for or against us
And that is how the hatred begins.

Tripwire, tripwire, tripwire, tripwire.
There’s a tripwire.
Tripwire, tripwire, tripwire.

Summer Solstice, 2017 : The Democrats Want to Fertilize 
And Grow A Glorious Color
-Coded Revolution . . .

But All the Time Their Efforts Fail & Wind Up Smelling like Vile Shit!

Pity the poor baboon at the zoo. He gets an A+ for Effort, when he throws his feces against the walls of his cage in a furious attempt to express his extreme displeasure towards his keepers.

But as a means of improving his general lot in life, he manages merely to only swing out a piddling C- because, at the end of the day, a bigger orangutan, with whom he shares his cage, is forced to deal with the absolute mess the baboon has created and is more than a little miffed with the company he is constrained to keep! The Democrats went 0 for 2 last night. The Dems lost special Congressional elections in Georgia and South Carolina to a pair of very undistinguished Republican politicians.

The Democrats' Trump-and-the-Russians-hacked-the-election hoax doesn't seem to working too good even after so much press coverage. Well, it's back to the chain gang for the Dems! If they keep this going for another 5 years or so, then there will be enough Third-Worlders on the US voting rolls by that time the Dems won't even need to run in stupid elections and the power of Washington will be all theirs! So Fuck You, pachyderms and mastodons! We'll be top of the heap yet! Just you wait!

June 19, 2017 »» Robert Mueller : The Dems Never Had a Friend Like He!

June 18, 2017 »» Mark Steyn : New London Goes Up in Smoke . . .

. . . And so, two days after the appalling conflagration, the great aged Queen comes to visit the survivors - like a scene from Joseph Roth's magnificent novel of the Hapsburg twilight, Radetzky March, in which the ancient Franz Josef tours a far-flung corner of the Crown Lands where the only Austrians are the soldiery. Here, though, the far-flung corner is a stone's throw from Buckingham Palace, and the only Englishmen are among the emergency services. In Roth's tale, no one can quite divine what's going on in the Emperor's head, just as no one quite knows what's going on in the Queen's: They are older than everyone else around, and they remember things that no one else does. Perhaps Her Majesty thinks back to those nightly Luftwaffe bombs, when nevertheless London bureaucrats could reliably tell you who had lived and who had died, or perhaps she goes back further, to the slums of Dickens' day and the Victorian reformers who labored to eliminate them, and wonders how it is that they seem to have arisen anew, reaching to the sky and teeming with peoples from every corner of the earth.
In the "global cities", someone has to foam the latte, and maintain the Tube tunnels, and clean the hospitals - and there are no Londoners or Parisians left. And so, in a real-estate market where (as Le Monde joked) the cupboard under the stairs Harry Potter's uncle locked him in is now a seven-figure "studio apartment", the great remorseless migrant tide crams ever more densely and perilously into the space that is left.

                                                          tower after
                                                          the fire

And official London turns a blind eye - and moneyed London, media London, banking London is barely even aware of the favelas and shanties arising in their midst. That mattress blocking the emergency exit? Next time round there'll be children sleeping on it.