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- A Nancy Pelosi Coffee Mug.


Feb. 19, 2018 »» That Old Double Standard Has Got "Turtle Trap" in Its Spell!
Bob Mueller's indictment of that rinky-dink Russian troll farm has got all honest constitutional and civil rights lawyers talking - - - and yes, there are still a few reputable lawyers left in the United States, who were not corrupted by Hillary Clinton's decades-long bribery spree that started at the Rose Law firm (and which started in Little Rock, circa 1977)! CLICK HERE for more info. (Bob Mueller's nickname, when he was director of the FBI, was "Turtle Trap," meaning he moves slowly and never gets his man!).

(Last Week, Hillary Clinton Showed Up at the Headquarters of the
CLINTON FOUNDATION with a Red Marker & Attempted to Shift the
Blame About the Missing Funds in the Haitian Earthquake
Relief Accounts). Of course, She Denies Culpability

February 18, 2018 »» Trump Gets the Wrong End of the Arse . . .
Trump has tweeted that the Russians are "laughing their asses off" over the "collusion" hoax. He likely meant CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the Lefty cohort. The prospect still remains that Mueller will indict Trump for firing bent Comey. Lefty lunacy recognizes no bounds in this world or within the confines of Hell.

February 17, 2018 »» Wray's FBI : Return to Zero?
After the Trump-Russia "dirty" dossier fiasco, Comey's leaking of super secret "obstruction of justice" memos to the New York Times, and the latest Florida school massacre by a lunatic gunman - - - whose prior bouts of insanity were well known to the FBI - - - can the FBI descend down to an even lower rung of estimation in the eyes of the public?

It must be recalled that J. Edgar Hoover frequently sent racoon turds to the FBI lab to be analyzed for rabies, if said suspect turds had been discovered within the boundaries of Hoover's property, played an active role in altering vital evidence of the Dallas assassination of President Kennedy and had appointed his boyfriend to be the FBI's deputy director. How might Wray beat out Hoover as a law enforcement trailblazer in the months and years to come?

February 17, 2018 »» Mueller to Hillary : Look into My Eyes . . .
you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm.

youlosttheelectionbecauseofaRussiantrollfarm. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

February 16, 2018 »» Once You Go Black, You Can Never Go Back!
Do You know that Queen Divine Justice is Black Panther's protégée? Did you know that Wakanda was once a paradise but only because the outside world (meaning White people) never found the true unblocked land passage or sea route to Wakanda, so therefore Wakanda had previously stayed pure and unmolested by noxious outside influences? Do you know that the Black Panther can easily wrestle RINOs to the ground? Do you know that the Black Panther can smell fear and sniff out lies (send him to Washington, DC - - - where his Super Powers can be used to pass a "clean" DACA bill!).

Do you know that the reason that both Detroit and Baltimore are now so totally fucked up is because those cities were built by really fucked up White people and because these really fucked up White people forced their former hybrid slaves to live in Detroit and Baltimore and watch at least eight hours of TeeVee a day and eat at least 2 super large bags of Wise® BBQ potato chips before sundown and sit on greasy red tartan sofas for their entire lives, which is why Detroit and Baltimore are now so totally and completely noxious cities that are now so totally and completely fucked up. Well, now you know. If you ask stupid questions, you get stupid answers!

                                                          pather's best
The Black Panther's Best Bitches Always Know How to Take Care of Business!

February 15, 2018 »» Did Trump Release the Jews from Bondage?
Apparently not. Hillary got 71% of Jewish suffrage in 2016 (Jewish vote for Obama in 2012, 69%; for Obama in 2008, 78% - - - THE MESSIAH!; for Kerry in 2004, 74%; for Gore in 2000, 79%).

Feb. 11, 2018 »» Did Lincoln Have Her in Mind When He Freed the Slaves?
If you watch this video through to the end, you automatically lose 15 IQ points, right off the top, for the next 48 hours. The leopard definitely looks worried and for good reason. He also looks drugged.

"Bodak Yellow" doesn't mean what you might think it means. No explanations, please! Drive yourself nuts on your own time!

February 11, 2018 »» Meanwhile, in new france . . .
It's been awhile since this page has checked into the current events of new france. Things are hopping there and not in a good way. The papers are currently abuzz over "Fissenou S.," who committed four murders on Christmas Day and on the Feast of Stephen in 2016. The killing spree started like this : drug-addict Fissenou S. (see photo below) left the suburb of Beauvais for Paris, telling his family that he had to get away from the voices in his head (Beauvais used to be a nice and decent place until it became a Third-World shithole).
On the Paris to Valence train, Fissenou S. went completely Betty Bughouse, attacking fellow passengers along the rail-route. At Valence, he was arrested by the gendarmes and thrown into the nearest loony bin, but Fissenou S. somehow managed to miraculously and immediately escape the bin and then went on a most wild crime spree, smashing up stolen cars, robbing White people in parking lots, and stopping every now and then to commit general mayhem and most bloody murder. He was finally captured, not unlike an out of control wild animal, at the Avignon train station (Frank Buck never apprehended a more ferocious jungle beast on his best day!).
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                                                          travels of
                                                          fissenou s.
Nowadays, Fissenou S. is locked in a padded cell and holds one-way conversations with Allah. The psychiatrists have declared Fissenou S. "mentally incompetent" and unfit to stand trial for his many crimes. Now there's a surprise. Vive La France! Et ainsi de suite, Vive Le Nouveau Trou de Merde qu'il est POC Beauvais!

ebruary 8, 2018
»» The 2018 Catholic Charities Award for . . .
. . . Catholic Family Values goes to MS-13 - - - with Nancy Pelosi having the honor of presenting the commemorative plaque, which bears the bold, capitalized letters of FUCK YOU, GRINGO ("Tattooed Raul" will be accepting it on behalf of this fine immigrant organization). The vote of the judges was made unanimous after 3 dissenting judges were decapitated with machetes.

Their heads were sent by UPS Ground to the White House in order to save money on shipping fees. MS-13 then used the cost-savings to have the decapitating machetes resharpened. The machetes had become worn-down from overuse. Beheading, using a dull blade, is cruel. Being good Catholics, the members of MS-13 know this.

Feb. 7, 2018 »» Nancy Pelosi Praises Miscegenation in America . . .

Feb. 7, 2018 »» The (Dem) Lunatics are on the Loose . . .
RINO Barbara Comstock looked certain to lose her Congressional seat in northern Virginia's 10th district. Hillary had beaten Trump soundly there in 2016 : 52%-42%. But then along came Alison Friedman. Friedman is a frothing-at-the-mouth, Whitey Must Die! typical Impeach-Trump-Forever loony. Friedman leads all other Democrats in the primary polls for the Dem nomination.

If Friedman becomes the Dem nominee, there is simply no way in which she could "move to the center." In the modern Democratic Party, not only will the center not hold, it simply does not exist! RINO Barbara Comstock's chances of re-election now look to be not so far fetched after all.

February 5, 2018 »» Buried on Page 26 (Voodoo Style) . . .
The New York Daily News believes that even the sleaziest Third-World immigrant stands upright at God's throne. It is the usual practice of the paper to avoid publishing any news that would make a Third-Worlder appear in a less than a pure stellar light. Perhaps the New York Daily News' editorial staff felt they had to cover the story about the Haitian Voodoo women in Massachusetts who stabbed and set alight a 5-year old girl. The story was featured prominently . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . on page 26 of today's paper. There's no shithole like a Massachusetts shithole!

Nov. 18, 2016 »» Mental Illness is a Macabre Thing . . .

(Yes, They Called The Cops Because His Name Was Trump!).

Feb. 5, 2018 »» The "Resistance" Does a Belly-Flop, Big Time!

It isn't just one thing of note but two things of recent date which are well worth mentioning : "Trump-Russia Collusion," thanks to the Nunes memo, turns out to have been all along "Hilary-Russia Collusion" and that the Senate Democrat decision, in January, to shut down the federal government for two days & change over that fact that some grey-haired and bald illegal alien children have yet to be issued a craven legislative Amnesty - - - has now caused the Dems to dive precipitously in the generic opinion polls.
Ever since Trump's Inauguration, the Dems have fixated their deficient brains upon the weighty task of getting rid of the President through means sometimes fair but usually foul. What if it turns out in November that the voters turnout to get rid of the Dems?

February 4, 2018 »» Hello Darkness, My Old Friend . . .
In December, the Monmouth University Generic poll had Democrats beating Republicans 51%-36% in this year's mid-term elections. But the February Monmouth poll has the Dems ahead of the GOP by only 47%-45%. What happened to explain this sudden, drastic turnaround? Could it be that the voting public finally found out that there was real collusion between a US political party and Moscow?

It would appear that the news that the Hillary Clinton campaign hired Fusion GPS to phony up the Russian "dirty dossier" on Donald J. Trump - - - and had thereby used the twisted Obama Justice Dept. to illegally spy on Trump World, using the bent Obama FISA Court - - - is that again the principle reason for the rapid downward chute in the polls for the Jackass Party? Did you say something about PROJECTION, Dr. Freud?

February 4, 2018 »» Should Comey be Indicted for Perjury?
FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress that he did not write his letter of exoneration for Hillary Clinton's outrageous destruction of 33,000 government documents before his agents interviewed her during the first week of July, 2016. We now know that Comey's statement, regarding his letter of exoneration, to be utterly false. The drafting of the Comey exoneration letter had begun months before Hillary Clinton had been interviewed by the FBI and that Comey was then and always under the direct control of US Attorney Loretta Lynch, who ordered him not to do anything, by way of adverse recommendation, about the many crimes that Hillary Clinton had obviously committed during her service as US Secretary of State.

Comey hinted in his Congressional testimony that Lynch had advised him not to cite Hillary Clinton for violating any federal criminal statutes, particularly regarding the destruction of government records which Hillary Clinton had generated while she was US Secretary of State (2009-2013). Should Comey be indicted for acts of perjury which he eagerly delivered before Congress in 2016 and 2017?

Groundhog Day, 2018 »» How Long Can Rosenstein Hang On?
Now that it has been revealed that US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein signed at least one application for a warrant against the Trump campaign in the form of a perjured surveillance writ to the FISA Court, using the "dirty dossier" as the sole basis, how long can he hang on as a member of the Trump Administration?
Rod Rosenstein.

Groundhog Day, 2018 »» Joey CHAPSTICK®!.
Another Brilliant Kennedy Career gone over the side and drowned like a drunken rat. STEP ONE : Don't speak Spanish - - - EVER! It reminds people that Teddy cheated on a Spanish test. It also reminds White blue collar voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin that Illegal Aliens from Central America stole their jobs.

STEP TWO : Don't borrow the most famous exhibit of the Chappaquiddick Memorial Museum and use it as a backdrop. STEP THREE : Move to Mexico. There your obvious ability to speak bad Spanish will come in handy. STEP FOUR : After moving to Mexico, stay there for several years. The skinny ones are hot and can be rented out a nightly basis for very little money. STEP FIVE : Become a pimp in Guadalajara.

February 1, 2018 »» Reality Check : American Politics Still Very Roiled!
While it still looks like the Dems will take the US House of Representatives, come November, they seem intent upon pissing it all away. When you campaign on a platform of Amnesty for MS-13 and call a $1,000 tax cut "crumbs," you are either running stupid or you are running scared. It has been a Bizarro political world since Hillary Clinton tried to out-face the fawning Lefty press in March of 2015.

She boldly admitted to destroying 33,000 public documents, in order to conceal the fact that she shook down Third-World dictators for 350 million dollars, while she was Obama's Secretary of State and thereafter funneled the pocketed bribery takings through THE CLINTON FOUNDATION.
That was not exactly what she said then, but, over time, it wound up sounding like she said it in that particular, twisted way. In 2018, the Congressional Democrats appear to be following in her footsteps. Not a good political move under any circumstances - - - not by any means!

February 1, 2018 »» Part 463 : Evidence of Revision . . .
"The Arc of History The Moral Universe is long but it leads to Justice Confusion a really, really big Fucking Mess." Theodore Parker, 1853.

Feb. 1, 2018 »» Hey, Boys & Girls! The Mid-Terms are Just 9 Months Away!

February 1, 1968 »» A Summary Execution in Saigon.

January 31, 2018 »» Bent in Queens (again) . . .
The exploits of Andrew McCabe, as Hillary Clinton's guided missile at the top of the FBI's food chain, show once again what happens when crooked cops and crooked prosecutors get in bed together and commit consensual sodomy. Locally, we have Thomas Rice and the Thomas Rices of NYPD Queens South, who appeared to have been operating under a bullet-proof shield of immunity, courtesy of the Queens County (NYC) DA's office.
                                                          club hydra
In December of 2012, Joseph Dorane attempted to file a complaint against his ex-wife because she was refusing to honor a court order, which granted him custodial rights and privileges, regarding their son. It would turn out to be a hot day in Hell when Thomas Rice of the NYPD Queens South DT Squad showed up to take Dorane's complaint. Detective Rice was not only uninterested in taking Joseph Dorane's complaint, he threatened to arrest the aggrieved father for filing a false report against his ex-wife - - - and Detective Rice seemed to have been something of an practiced expert when it comes to filing false reports. According to the New York Daily News (Jan. 28, 2018 & Jan 29, 2018), Dorane's ex-wife was an employee of the Queens DA's office and that the name of Thomas Rice was something of a widespread nom de guerre among bent Queens South detectives : for the name of Thomas Rice had been used on a multitude tide of police reports in which stolen items had been listed.
Yes, once again, bent cops and bent prosecutors in Queens, furiously rubbing up against each other, like peas in a pod! What about the real Thomas Rice and not the fake, hydra-headed one? He was only docked a few vacation days but he was allowed to keep a money-laundering front, listed as a steam-cleaning business (sark!). Rice or The Rices and Andrew McCabe : they know how to work the law enforcement business and make it pay, Big Time!

January 30, 2018 »» NEWS FLASH (Andrew McCabe).
This afternoon's hot rumor is that resigning FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe actively stifled FBI New York field office agents from conducting a rudimentary investigation of THE CLINTON FOUNDATION during 2016. New York field office requests for resources were flatly denied; and that even hard evidence of fraud and embezzlement - - - committed by employees and directors of THE CLINTON FOUNDATION - - - be presented to a Grand Jury in the Southern District of New York but such NY field office requests for support to McCabe always met with his stern resistance.

Basic law enforcement procedures were aggressively thwarted by McCabe, while his boss, James Comey, looked the other way and pretended to be out of the loop. No Grand Jury in the SDNY was ever convened, due in large part to Andrew McCabe's refusal to deploy FBI agents in New York to do even a cursory barebones forensic investigation of THE CLINTON FOUNDATION'S books. McCabe might want to consider hiring Lois Lerner's attorneys because they would know how to handle a client who desperately needs to take the Fifth before a Congressional committee.

Jan. 30, 2018 »» TET : 50 Years Ago Today.

Jan. 30, 2018 »» Now That Trump Has Made Love to the DACA Dancers . . .
. . . the Democrats have abandoned them in a fit of pique because the DACA Dancers have been contaminated by the filthy Trumpian touch. All 5 or 6 million of them.


Jan. 30, 2018 »» Baseball's Favorite Logo Bites the Dust.
                                                          club wahoo

January 29, 2018 »» The FBI's Andrew McCabe Takes Early Retirement.
Leaving now is so much easier and cleaner. If a Congressional committee asks him about the "dirty dossier" and his lawyers make him take the Fifth, McCabe sure as Hell does not want to be the new Lois Lerner.

Trump is not like Obama, who let Lois Lerner continue to draw a big salary and incredible bennies even after she clammed up. McCabe was a complete creation of the DNC and Comey was a sick joke. The air in DC is less fetid without them in government.

January 29, 2018 »» Trying to Hinder Shoplifting is Racist . . .
Anyone who frequents a Walmart® in a Black neighborhood will willingly recount the many times that he or she has seen POC suspects taken out in handcuffs by the local gendarmes. Two reasons for this unceremonious exit are either a knockdown drag-out fight between store employees or the attempted heist of Black Beauty products from the loading dock.

It would appear that the Perris, California Walmart® has instituted a segregated merchandising policy for some items which would otherwise entice sticky fingers to get stickier if said items were permitted to roam free, so to speak. In the Perris Walmart®, Black Beauty products are imprisoned within the confines of locked glass cases but White Beauty products are most decidedly not.

The Plaintiff's attorney, Gloria Allred - - - who else!, says that the Walmart® shoplifting prevention policy in the Perris Walmart® "perpetuates a racial stereotype that African-Americans are thieves." Is the day far off when a White person, entering a "Black" (aka Ghetto) Walmart®, will be charged with committing a hate crime for just being there? Since Trump became President, things have been going from bad to worse!

January 29, 2018 »» The Night the Grand Old Party Died.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that Mitt Romney wiped the floor with O'Bimbo during the first presidential debate of 2012. The sense that their insubstantial mulatto front had been badly exposed and could actually lose the election was strong then, among the Dem political hackery. In the second debate, Candy Crowley, of all improbable people, came to Barry's rescue by repeatedly interrupting Romney at every opportunity, never letting him finish a debating point.

Mittens appeared dazed throughout - - - reeling and punch-drunk, he couldn't believe that he was being rolled by a mindless fat woman! That was the night in which Romney's slim chances of winning died and that was the night in which the Bush or cuck wing of the GOP died, too. In 2015, a political brawler put the Death Certificate in the mail when he said that Mexico is not sending her best. Try talking over an outrageous statement and affront to Political Correctness like that, Fatty! - - - and Mitt Romney's epitaph will forever be : NICE GUYS GET ROLLED BY CANDY CROWLEY.

January 28, 2018 »» The Dems : Terrified by the Wall?
Your correspondent has never read Joseph Campbell but knows a little something of his reputation. It seems that Campbell was big on the idea that everyday symbols can have a powerful and even hypnotic influence over our collective subconscious minds. The Democrats have grown to have a tremendous aversion to Trump's WALL. It's like garlic or a cross, pressed under a vampire's runny nose.

The latest White House offer for the DACA Dancers promises Amnesty for 1.8 million illegals that could easily and conceivably be expanded to 5 or 6 million DACA Dancers over a short period of time; and the latest White House offer for the DACA Dancers sets up a grace period for chain-migration which again could be for another 4 or 5 million of the Third-World's wretched refuse "already in the pipeline."
Under the White House offer for the DACA Dancers, the final tally of the Third-World horde, landing here, could turn out to be as much as 10 million, a little more or a little less. What's not to like about this deal if you're a foaming-at-the-mouth, Open Borders Democrat?
But it's that damned WALL. The symbolic nature of it just drives the Dems completely nuts and causes them to go monocratically unhinged! Calling Dr. Freud!

Jan. 27, 2018 »» Will The Trump Plan to Turn

Back The Democrat POC Onslaught Succeed

Jan. 27, 2018 »» Will The Dems Make the Same Mistake Twice?
Dem honchos now believe that the only reason they lost in 2016 is that their nominee, Hillary Clinton, blew a sure thing because blue collar White voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin simply could not stomach her candidacy. They voted for Trump as a desperate cure for projectile vomiting (Hillary's very image conjured up a definite, sick-making feeling of having one's pockets turned out & picked by a decrepit bag lady). 2020 will be different, so the Dems think. The Republicans, in 1936, thought that the Reader's Digest phone-poll meant that they would win hands down with Landon romping to victory over FDR.

If the Dems nominate Kamala Harris in 2020, they will have a lock on the Black, south Asian, legal and illegal alien vote - - - but who else?  A Kamala Harris candidacy in 2020 could yet turn out to be worse than Hillary's legendary 2016 campaign tale of corruption and collapse.

January 26, 2018 »» Dreamy Dreamers, Not So Very Dreamy.
President Trump has only himself to blame. A year and a half ago, on the campaign trail, he promised to get rid of DACA right after Inauguration Day, to wit in January of 2017. He lied. He chose to keep DACA going. It was only when red state Attorneys-General threatened to lay a big, fat law suit on him in September of last year that he forced to dump DACA, which was the result of a June, 2012 unconstitutional executive order (Thanks, Barry!). So we are where were are now because of needless procrastination. Well, last night, the White House offered the Dems a big, fat Amnesty for the DACA Dancers and their nearest and dearest in exchange for THE WALL, etc. And what do you know, the Dems contemptuously rejected the overly generous White House Amnesty offer. And why not? Because the Dems passionately like the "broken system" we currently have.

Every day and in every way, new states follow California, Nevada, Colorado, and Virginia and so forth in becoming Third World shit holes, where the Dems rule with an iron fist and no excuses, thanks to the advancing and relentless Third-World horde. Wake Up! The DACA Dancers are just the latest bottleneck and a smokescreen, stupid pachyderms! There's always a yearly Legal Alien entry number (1.8 million in 2016). There is also an Illegal Alien constant number 800,000, 1,800,000, 5,000,000, 12,000,000, 30,000,000 INFINITY that demands perpetual Amnesty, no questions asked and no questions permitted!

. . . Nancy Pelosi Explains.

January 25, 2018 »» Doing the Ballot Math . . .
The Democrats have absolutely no incentive to do a deal with President Trump on immigration. The current immigration set-up suits them quite nicely. In the last year of the Obama Administration (2016), 1.8 million legal aliens were waved past our borders and more than 90% of these immigrants were Third-Worlders. At least 3 or 4 Republican House seats in California and one GOP seat in northeastern Virginia will permanently switch to the Dems in this year's mid-terms, thanks to non-White demography, achieved by the automatic operation of the '65 Immigration Act - - - and there will certainly be many more Third-World voters, if not this year, then in 2020 (California is a soi-disant sanctuary state. Its Dem. politicians encourage Third-World ballot stuffing).

Unless an ambitious regime of deportation is immediately commenced, the Third-Worlders already here will drown Whitey at the ballot box in the near future in national elections. The Dems already have a very good thing going. Why upset the apple cart? The apples may be rotten but those apples always vote Democrat!

Jan. 25, 2018 »» How Not to Follow the DACA Negotiations.

January 24, 2018 »» Schumer, Six Ways from Sunday . . .
When Charles Schumer gets out of bed in the morning, he goes to the mirror and tells the first lie of the day just to stay in practice. The US Senate Minority Leader saw fit to shutdown 15% of the federal government on Saturday but agreed to open it up on Monday after reading damning opinion polls, which blamed the Dems for the mini shutdown.

Butt-hurt Schumer now claims that he offered President Trump 25 billion smackeroos for THE WALL in exchange for Amnesty (aka DACA) in pre-shutdown negotiations. This lie is so outrageous that it is absolutely astonishing and Chuckie has told some whoppers in his time. Wave Amnesty bye, bye in your rear-view mirror, Chuckie!

Jan. 24, 2018 »» Whites Are Going to Miss Western Civilization.

January 23, 2018 »» Immigration : It's a Numbers Game . . .
The CONservatives have fallen in love with the phrase "Chain Migration." Don't be fooled. Third-World immigration into the US is strictly a numbers game. During the last year of the corrupt and blighted Obama Administration, this country waved through 1.8 million LEGAL immigrants. Catholic Charities and Lutheran Services did a land office business. The other day, a judge in the sanctuary state of California gave illegal aliens the right to vote after they apply for a California driver's license. The DACA dance on Capitol Hill is just a smokescreen. Deportations, quick and many, are the only thing that will save this country from becoming a Third-Word shit hole (or is it shit house, Mr. President?).

Jan. 22, 2018 »» Part 463 : Blast from the Past . . .
In 2006 and 2007, Democrats pushed for Amnesty. These bills either died in the House or never got out of the Senate. In 2013, the Gang of Eight Amnesty bill sailed through the Democrat Senate but died in the Republican house. In 2009 and 2010, Democrats controlled the White House and both Houses of Congress. No Amnesty bill ever reached the floor of either the Senate or the House until December of 2010, when DACA died in the Lame Duck US Senate, stopped by a Republican filibuster.

It is painfully obvious : Democrats desperately need duped Republicans to commit political suicide in order to pass any Amnesty bill. Fast forward to 2018, it's the same old story but the Democrats now seem to have run out of willing Republican stooges. Jeff Flake & Miss Lindsey are the vanishing remnants of a dying breed.

Jan. 22, 2018 »» Transparent Doom, Straight Ahead.

January 21, 2018 »» Storm Warnings for the Dems.
In the 30 states that Trump won in 2016, a plurality of poll respondents blame the Democrats for "shutting down the federal government over the issue of illegal immigration." The DNC might want to get out of the political hole it is now digging as soon as possible. But in Third-World California, the polls blame the Republicans by a very wide margin. Surprise!

Jim Rodford : 1941 - 2018.
 (not filmed in this line-up of The Zombies).

Jan. 21, 2018 »» What Our Third-World Future Will Look Like:


January 21, 2018 »» Part 463 : The New York Times Sez :
that Trump is the worst President ever (even worse than Barry). (we made up that last part up, the part about Barry). (There are only about 800 "DREAMERS" currently serving in the US military). (Barry used to tell lies quicker than he drew breath). (Barry is now a lounge act in Vegas, with Secret Service protection, of course!).

January 20, 2018 »» Some Political Gossip.
Stormy Daniels, a prostitute who claims Donald J. Trump bought her talented services for big bucks, states with aplomb that he is obsessed with sharks. "I donate to all these charities and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks," THE TRUMPSTER is said to have said. "I hope all sharks die!"
Meanwhile, Joe Biden's daughter, Caroline, has paid back "in full" $110,000 she spent while she was using a stolen credit card. She will not have to do a day in jail. During the time Biden was Vice President, he worked hard to earn the ridiculous nickname of "Uncle Nonce."

January 20, 2018 »» Republicans Are Killers!
The Democrats claim that, because the Republicans have forced them to shut down 15% of the federal government, they, the Republicans of course, are responsible for the spread of the fatal flu.

Tom Cotton is waiting, around the next corner, ready to pounce and breathe deadly germs on you, if you are a registered Democrat or an Illegal Alien!

January 20, 2018 »» The DACA Smokescreen . . .
Of this there can be no doubt : the number of 800,000 DACA dreamers is a total phony. If the Republicans cave in to the Democrats and grant "clean" Amnesty to the DACA "Dreamers," the Republicans are then willfully fooling themselves that a DACA amnesty would only apply to the aforesaid saintly 800,000 - - - the chain-migration provisions of such an amnesty would certainly mean that, down the line and soon, 5 or 6 million newly discovered Third-Worlders would be covered by this "clean" amnesty, which had originally been advertised as being exclusive to "only" 800,000 dreamy Illegal Aliens.
Reagan handily defeated Mondale in the presidential election of 1984 in 49 states. In 2016, Hillary beat Trump by a whopping 29% of the overall California vote, Trump winning 30 states but losing, by 2%, the popular vote. Never believe the Dem double-talk about Third-World immigration. Democrat amnesty-talk has always been nothing but a smokescreen, fronting a vicious con game, devised strictly to gull-in eager morons and corrupt Republican politicians, and owned over, in every inch, by the US Chamber of Commerce.