Detective Club of Jersey City
Detective Club of Jersey City
Detective Club of Jersey City

Detective Club of Jersey
Performing a Lobotomy Procedure on a Liberal is as
Useless as Forcing an Eskimo to Open a Refrigerator.

dt club of jc
Detective Club of Shakespeare
At the Very Moment the Anesthetic was Administered,
Bill Clinton Shakespeare, Like Saul of Tarsus, Witnessed a Heavenly Vision

Mo' Money for Fugazy!
It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better.
In 2013, Bill & Hillary Clinton Used 2 Million Dollars to Open a Plastics Factory in Bangladesh.

Detective Club of Plastic Private Parts
Heinrich Baumbummer, owner of a string of sex shops in Hamburg, Germany,
Had given 32 Million €uros to the Clinton Foundation.
US Attorney General Loretta Lynch says she will investigate.

(Photo Courtesy of the French News Channel, Antenne Cinq).
Detective Club of Jersey City
Brazil is a country of the future and it always will be.
- - - Charles de Gaulle in 1960.

May 15, 2015  »  Obama, The Hypocrite.
In 1977, President Carter enrolled his daughter, Amy, in mostly black District of Columbia Stevens Public Elementary School. Amy was 8 and had a Siamese cat named Misty-Malarkey Ying-Yang. She was told that bringing pets to school was not allowed. She had two Secret Service agents watching her at all times which was probably the reason she was not attacked by the other girls in her class, who were more than a little jealous of all the attention she was getting just because Daddy lives in the White House and can buy her new friends to play with whenever she wants to go to the movies.

The other day President Fugazy casually mentioned that it was a really bad thing that parents were forced to send their children to private schools and cut themselves off from the unwashed masses by joining exclusive clubs. President Fugazy's daughters go to private school and he golfs at private clubs : jaw meet floor.

May 5, 2015 » Meanwhile, On the Other Side of the Atlantic . . .
Sinkhole de Mayo
Thursday is General Election Day in the United Kingdom. In order to form a majority in the House of Commons, the Conservatives or Labour must win at least 323 seats. Right now, polls indicate that each of these two major parties will win only 285 to 295 seats each.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is on course to take 57 seats of the 59 parliamentary seats in Scotland (SNP is not contesting seats in England as befits a separatist political party which wants Scottish independence).

The latest poll results are : Conservatives 33%; Labour 33%; uKIP 14% (anti-Third World immigration and anti-EU); Liberals 8%; Greens 5%. Will the uKIP vote collapse at the last minute and go over to the Conservatives? Will Labour be able to form a de fact coalition on Friday with the SNP and govern at the head of a shaky socialist and separatist bloc until the autumn and even beyond? Stay tuned . . .

Apr. 29, 2015 » Nobody Wants to Watch Reruns of THE WIRE.
Before the Civil War, Baltimore had the largest population of Free Negroes of any big city in the United States and Baltimore's population was second to New York's at the time. In the 20th Century, this large Black population grew to 26% of the overall population of Baltimore in 1950 (1950 Population : 950,000). Baltimore has always been a leader in the annual FBI crime charts. Baltimore now has a declining population of 620,000 of which Whites comprise only 23% (Blacks : 64%).

Ferguson could be made into a bête noire by the Left because of a outrageously painted false tableau of White vs. Black. The Left desperately wants to forget about Baltimore as soon as possible. If you had the stomach to sit through THE WIRE, you know it was an utterly chilling experience. Perhaps no drama about "The Black Way of Life" was ever more real or ever more frightening.

Baltimore is a Black-run city and Black-on-Black crime is most certainly its biggest tourist attraction - - - but only from the safety of a couch, placed at a reasonable distance from a wide-screen TeeVee.
Detective Club of Jersey City
Catch phrases like "Gentle Giant" and "Hands Up, Don't Shoot!" are not to be heard nor to be echoed between the canyons of masonry and human rubble which make up the straight streets and back alleys of Baltimore.

Apr. 28, 2015 » Obama's Sons Rain Out Baltimore Orioles' Game!
Detective Club for the Fucking Angry

April 25, 2015 » Katie Hopkins Causes a Stir in London . . .

NO, I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad.

I still don’t care!

Because in the next minute, you’ll show me pictures of aggressive young men at Calais, spreading like norovirus on a cruise ship.

Watching them try to clamber on to British lorries and steal their way into the UK, do I feel pity? Only for the British drivers, who get hit with a fine every time one of this plague of feral humans ends up in their truck!
A Chinese Prostitute in a whore house on Sacramento Street, San Francisco, circa 1880

The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1892

April 21, 2015 » Scott Walker Wants to Win?!
Recently, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker looked like he was going the way of Sheldon Adelson. Behind closed doors, he made a pitch to THE BIG DONORS that he would be for Amnesty if he managed to win the White House with the help of their money; but publicly, in a broadcast interview with Glenn Beck a day or two ago, he claims that as President he would rev up border policing in a big way and immediately restart the federal deportation mechanism which President Fugazy has all but dismantled.

He even hinted that far too many work visas are being issued to foreigners and that these visas are being illegally used to displaced American workers in the tech industry! Only time will tell if Walker is two-faced or if he sincerely wants to do something about the Third World invasion of the US. JEB Bush and Marco Rubio are still on target to abolish the border before 2024. Only two other potential Republican candidates have said that they would cut back on HB tech visas for foreigners : Rick Santorum and Donald Trump - - - and their chances of getting the GOP nomination are between slim or none and Slim just left town!

April 20, 2015 » ®¼³©¶€€µº ±§¾¢£€¤¡¡´¤¤ÇÉ.
nHillary Clinton yesterday made a campaign stop on the Italian landing strip and fishing village of Spaghetti Solari. Her staff handed out 6 old Tarzan lunch boxes, purchased on eBay, as well as 6 million pre-filled voter registration cards to 800,000 hungry African migrants, who had fled Libya in leaky boats.

She called upon the chairman of the Republican Party of Montana to issue 30,000,000 new state drivers licenses with radar-read Social Security numbers to every other resident of Hispaniola and send the paperwork to a Clinton Charities delivery drop in Port-au-Prince via USPS Priority Mail. "Not to do so," she said, "would be Racist and the many diverse peoples of the United States are not Racists!"

Apr. 12, 2015 » The Old, Rich Bitch Pathway to the Jackass Nomination?
In 1896, President Grover Cleveland was denied the Democrat nomination by William Jennings Bryan after the latter made the famous "Cross of Gold" speech to the Democrat convention. In 1920, President Woodrow Wilson had had a bad stroke in 1919 and couldn't get out of bed, let alone campaign. In 1944, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was dying - - - but still drinking highballs and smoking like a fiend! - - - so Vice President Henry Wallace, who owned a highly prized, personally signed photograph of Uncle Joe Stalin, was shown the door and US Senator Harry Truman was nominated Veep in Wallace's place (Truman was an obedient lapdog of the incredibly corrupt Kansas City, Mo. Dem. machine).

In 1968, LBJ was about to lose a few more Democrat primaries to Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy and NY Senator Bobby Kennedy, so LBJ dropped out of the nomination race.
Detective Club of Jersey City
Vice President Hubert Horatio Humphrey wound up getting the Dem. nod but Mayor Daley's police force gave out too many free wood shampoos on television to the national media along with enthusiastic beat-downs to their kids in Grant Park - - - a bloodbath that got higher ratings than Gilligan's Island! - - - so "THE HUMP" managed to get only 42.7% of the overall vote in November. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter had Massachusetts Senator Teddy Kennedy to worry about, but not all the much (the "Kennedy Magic" had been slaughtered in the November 22, 1963 coup d'etat in Dallas. Killing Oswald two days later - - - thereby by shutting him up - - - kept the "Magic" artificially alive for another 17 years. Oh, and the Warren Commission Report was a good fiction read!).

There was no challenger to President Barack Hussein Obama (his name on his real phony Birth Certificate) in 2012. Why? Because he is Black! Why? Because of the Immigration Act of 1965 and because of the unceasing tidal wave of the Third World! - - - and of course, because Mittens Romney, except for the anomaly of the first president debate, decided not to challenge President Barack Hussein Obama because he is Black and because of the Immigration Act of 1965 and because of the unceasing tidal wave of the Third World!

Hillary has all the money. Lincoln Chaffee and Marty O'Malley and Jim Webb don't have pot to piss in between the three of them! And Hillary would call security if you looked at her cross-eyed! But Black women hold an intense dislike, one may say even other-worldly hatred, for her! And Black women voted for Barack Hussein Obama twice and don't you forget it in a million years! Jackass Big Shots, you have an extremely huge problem on your lily White hands!

Holy Saturday, 2015 » Whom Shall We Lynch Next Week?
The one gratifying thing to come out of this week's Social Justice Warrior lynch mob activity was the fact that Memories Pizza, in Indiana, managed to raise $842,592.00 in just two days on It would seem that most of these donations came in from small shop owners, who fear that they will be next in line of fire from the rhetorical Social Justice Warrior lynch mob - - - and idiotic Lefty News Media - - - and devoted listeners of Rush Limbaugh. Republican politicians in Indiana and Arkansas ran away from the fight as if on cue. Even JEB looked tough in comparison when spoke in support of small shop orders who refused to bake cakes or supply red-ribbed plastic dildoes to religious gay wedding festivities - - - no mean feat, considering JEB!

April 1, 2015 » Apples & Oranges?
Detective Club of Jersey City
Last year New York City had a daily murder rate of 0.90%, a little less than one murder a day - - - 328 for the calendar year of 2014. Last year the South African government recorded, on average, 47 murders a day - - - not a typo, an average of forty-seven murders a day in 2014, for a grand total of 17,155 in 2014!!! The population of New York City is 8.4 million. The population of South Africa is 54 million. The 2014 annual per capita murder rate for South Africa was 315%. If New York City had the same population-size as South Africa, New York City would average about 7 murders per day, due to overcrowding.

Mar. 29, 2015 » Scott Walker Crashes. Will He Burn?
2013 was a heady year for the Third World Immigration enthusiasts : 14 Republican senators voted for Amnesty for border jumpers and visa-overstayers and ginks like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker thought it was all well and good that the United States should continue on its headlong pace towards final international Shit Hole status. But 2013 was the year in which the Obama Administration was exposed as being corrupt beyond compare (can you say Lois Lerner, boys & girls?!). Two years on, Gov. Walker was compelled to disown his earlier support for Amnesty and blab about how the US border needed to be made secure before the country and her politicians could even consider granting Amnesty to 11 (20?, 30?, 40?) Illegal Aliens, already happily living in the shadows! But last week Gov. Walker fell from grace, saying, behind closed doors to a small group of big-bucks RINO contributors, that Amnesty was a really peachy-keen idea afterall, and shouldn't we give Amnesty to 11 (20?, 30?, 40?) million illegals as soon as possible - - - but fellers, please keep what I am telling you strictly on the big down-low! The Wall Street Journal, however, got wind of Gov. Walker's foolish remarks and printed them in real ink!

Of late, Governor Walker's campaign for the RINO GOP presidential nomination seems to have stalled - - - and, oh, by the way, Gov. Walker's spokes-people deny he ever said such a thing as preposterous as amnesty for 11 (20?, 30?, 40?) million Illegals would be a good thing - - - and 2013 is so, well, really yesteryear and you know, you know . . . ! Gov. Walker looked unstoppable just 6 weeks ago. With just 3 days left in March, in the Winter of Our Discontent and freezing Climate Change, is Gov. Walker doing an old-fashioned RINO GOP candidate fader-roo on us?

March 23, 2015 » Death of a Lunatic . . .

Izola Ware Curry, the mentally ill woman who in 1958 stabbed the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at a Harlem book signing — an episode that a decade later would become a rhetorical touchstone in the last oration of his life — died on March 7 in Queens. She was 98.

Ms. Curry died in a nursing home, the last stop in the series of institutions that had been her home for more than half a century. Her death, confirmed by the office of the chief medical examiner of New York City, was first reported by The Smoking Gun, the investigative website.

What surprised many observers at the time of the crime was that Ms. Curry herself was black, the daughter of sharecroppers from the rural South. Questions persisted about what could have moved her to attack Dr. King, then a 29-year-old Alabama preacher who had assumed the national stage amid the Montgomery bus boycott of 1955-56.

The stabbing nearly cost Dr. King his life, requiring hours of delicate surgery to remove Ms. Curry’s blade, a seven-inch ivory-handled steel letter opener, which had lodged near his heart. If he had so much as sneezed, his doctors later told him, he would not have survived.
Detective Club of JC
The letter opener Izola Ware Curry used to stab the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. protruded from his chest after the attack. Credit Vernoll Coleman/New York Daily News

Dr. King, who said afterward that he bore no animus toward Ms. Curry and did not want charges pressed, memorialized the attack in “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop.” That speech, delivered in Memphis on April 3, 1968, the day before he was assassinated, endures as one of his most famous.

“The X-rays revealed that the tip of the blade was on the edge of my aorta, the main artery,” Dr. King said in the speech. “And once that’s punctured, you’re drowned in your own blood — that’s the end of you.”

Of all the letters of consolation that poured in to the hospital, he continued, there was one that “I will never forget.”

“Dear Dr. King,” it read. “I am a ninth-grade student at the White Plains High School. While it should not matter, I would like to mention that I’m a white girl. I read in the paper of your misfortune, and of your suffering. And I read that if you had sneezed, you would have died. And I’m simply writing you to say that I’m so happy that you didn’t sneeze.”

To impassioned applause, Dr. King went on: “And I want to say tonight — I want to say tonight that I, too, am happy that I didn’t sneeze. Because if I had sneezed, I wouldn’t have been around here in 1960, when students all over the South started sitting in at lunch counters.”

If he had sneezed, he continued, he would not have seen the Freedom Rides of the early ’60s, nor given his “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963, nor seen the passage of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, nor been involved in the Selma-to-Montgomery marches of 1965.

And so, Dr. King concluded, “I’m so happy that I didn’t sneeze.”

He was shot to death by James Earl Ray in Memphis the next day.

Apart from Dr. King’s speech, Ms. Curry vanished from history. Deemed unfit to stand trial, she was committed to a mental hospital; as the years elapsed and no more was heard of her, she was widely presumed dead. Even a 2002 book about the stabbing, “When Harlem Nearly Killed King,” by Hugh Pearson, does not chart her life’s later course.

Then, in a profile published last August, The Smoking Gun wrote of having found Ms. Curry, physically and mentally feeble, at the nursing home, Hillside Manor, in the Jamaica section of Queens.

“While Curry described her daily routine — up at 5:30 a.m., bed around 10 p.m., and not much going on in between,” the profile said, “she met questions about King and the stabbing with a furrowed brow and a blank stare.”

Izola Ware was born on June 14, 1916, near Adrian, a village in east-central Georgia. She appears to have had little education beyond grade school.

After a brief early marriage to James Ware dissolved, Ms. Curry moved to New York, where she found work as a domestic. There, she began to experience the paranoid delusions that would overtake her completely before she was 40.

Her mental state made it increasingly hard for her to hold a job. As Mr. Pearson’s book reported, she bounced among New York; Cleveland; St. Louis; Charleston, W.Va.; Savannah, Ga.; Miami, West Palm Beach and Daytona Beach, Fla.; Lexington, Ky.; and Columbia, S.C. By 1958 she was back in New York, living in a rented room in Harlem, at 121 West 122nd Street.

“To her neighbors she was a very antisocial woman,” Mr. Pearson wrote. “Curry spoke with a distinct Southern accent, but her words were often unintelligible.”

A half-dozen years earlier, she had begun having delusions about the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which she believed was a Communist front. In her mind, the group was persecuting her — following her and making it impossible for her to find steady work. She wrote letters to that effect to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Over time, as Dr. King rose to prominence, her delusions centered increasingly on him.

On the afternoon of Sept. 20, 1958, Dr. King was autographing copies of his first book, “Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story,” in Blumstein’s department store, at 230 West 125th Street.

Ms. Curry, elegantly attired in a stylish suit, jewelry and sequined cat’s-eye glasses, entered the store armed with a loaded .25-caliber automatic pistol and the letter opener. The pistol was secreted in her bra, the letter opener in her handbag. She pushed her way through the crowd to the table where Dr. King sat.

“Are you Martin Luther King?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied, not looking up from the book he was signing.

She reached into her handbag.

“The next minute,” Dr. King later wrote, “I felt something beating on my chest.” He was taken to Harlem Hospital, where surgeons opened his chest and ever so gently withdrew the blade.
Detective Club of Jersey City
Ms. Curry was apprehended in the store. “I’ve been after him for six years,” she cried. “I’m glad I done it.”

At her arraignment the next day, The New York Times reported, she was scarcely her own best advocate.

“I understand this is the woman who is accused of stabbing the Reverend Dr. King with a knife,” the judge said.

“No,” Ms. Curry shouted. “It was a letter opener.”

On Oct. 17, 1958, a grand jury indicted her on a charge of attempted first-degree murder. If convicted, she could have gone to prison for 25 years.

But psychiatrists found she had paranoid schizophrenia and an I.Q. of about 70, and she was committed to Matteawan State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, near Poughkeepsie, N.Y. .

She remained there for some 14 years. She was later institutionalized for about a year at the Manhattan Psychiatric Center on Wards Island, in the East River. She lived in a series of residential-care homes before entering the nursing home.

Ms. Curry apparently left no living immediate family. If her body is not claimed in the coming weeks, it will be taken to New York’s potter’s field on Hart Island, in Long Island Sound off the Bronx, her final institutional resting place.

March 11, 2015 » Hilldee Beast, Redux.
The Clinton Secret Server Scandal is much too reminiscent of the old Rose Law Firm billing records kerfuffle, so - - - for the time being - - - this page will refrain from comment; but the political implications of a 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign are most worthy of comment. Jackass bigwigs see her as a sure loser and if the Republicans sensibly fail to nominate JEB, the Jackass bigwigs will probably turn out to be quite right. Internal Dem. polling shows a notable antipathy towards Hillary, particularly among Black women. If these polls are even half accurate, marginal blue states (Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, etc.) could conceivably go Republican in 2016. There is no opposition to The Hilldee Beast at the present moment, but developments may develop, as they say, if Black women don't change their minds and start liking Hillary chop-chop!
Hillary Looks Off Into The Middle Distance
Black women won't vote for the Republican nominee in 2016 but they could choose to stay home, no matter what the weather, come that special day in November. That's just what White men did in November of 2012 when Hedge Fund Mitt was the latest steaming big GOP mess on offer!