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Sic transit gloria mundi!
Don't Jump off the
Tallahatchie Bridge

Jan. 12, 2012 » DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ (still fakin' it!).
Still attempting in vain to blame the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords on the Tea Party, DNC Chairwoman (and Congresswoman from Florida) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has called Tea Party events full of "edginess," "lack[ing] in civility," and examples of [bad] "conduct." Your couldn't be more wrong, Debbs. "Tea Baggers" want to see you doing the perp walk in an orange jump suit, you two-bit criminal, you! An orange jump suit would be the best fashion accessory for you! It would really make that corkscrew hairdo of yours stand out!

January 10, 2012 » Astonished!
The look of complete surprise on Mitt Romney's face is not because winning the GOP nomination turned out to be so easy for him. It is because, within the top ranks of the party, nothing even remotely resembling conservatism exists. What should have been a life-and-death struggle all the way to the convention for him turned out to be the easiest of cake walks. The reason why Huntsman, Gingrich and the rest of the mangy crew seem so bitter is simply because they are absolutely green with envy. Why couldn't they be so lucky?! They don't have any strong political beliefs or opinions either!!! Why does Mittens get to grab the brass ring and they don't?

January 10, 2012 » Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other?
At best the political leadership of the Democrats and Republicans is intellectually and morally bankrupt. At worse the political leadership of the two parties is intellectually and morally corrupt.

Jan. 8, 2012 » All Bark & No Bite (The Political Year in Review).
Remember way back in November of 2010 when the victorious Republicans promised that the first thing they would do is cut the federal budget? In April of 2011 the federal budget for 2010- 11 increased by 150 billion; in August, 2011-12 federal spending increased by 2½ trillion! The cynics must be right when they say the Constitution is dead (all federal money bills must originate in the House of Representatives [controlled Now let's see : in April, 2011 spending increased by 150 by Republicans since January, 2011]). But still the only thing that will guarantee Obama's reëlection is a strong Third Party candidate who could siphon enough votes away from THE ANDROID from Bain Capital (Mitt Romney) to assure Obama's chances. Obama is still getting only about 35% of the White vote in the most recent phone polls (he needs at least 40% to win).

As things stand now, even Mickey Mouse could beat Obama - - - is Mittens somehow related to Disney's rodent? Yes, the most "important election of our lifetime" promises to turn out to be the most boring! Just you wait & see, after the Republicans take control of the Presidency, the Senate and the House in 2013, they will still ask permission first of the Democrats to cut the budget! National Bankruptcy here we come!

January 7, 2012 » Killing Off the Old Buffaloes . . .
This morning's headline in the Wall Street Journal reads : LABOR MARKET GAINS TRACTION. We have now reached the point when and where practically all the new hires in the United States are going to recently arrived Third Worlders. White males, born in this country, need not apply. The complete transformation of the American work force, envisaged by the Immigration Act of 1965, has, for all intents and purposes, been accomplished. For more info, CLICK HERE.

Jan. 5, 2012 » Hey Brother, Can You Spare $3.50 for a Cup of Coffee?
When America was on the international banking Gold Standard of $35.00 the ounce (Thanks, Dick Nixon for killing it in 1971!), prices didn't go up so fast & so much! Some of us were even alive when the New York Times cost only a dime! The Sulzbergers have just announced that they plan to jack up the price of their weekday paper to $2.50! Wow! Advertisers are leaving the Times in droves, so the Sulzbergers are trying to squeeze the last plugged nicked out of their subscribers to make up for lost revenue. But the subscribers are leaving in droves too : they just can't afford it anymore (the Times was "only" $1.00 in June of 2007, not so long ago). Newsstand Circulation in 2002 was 1,113,000, but by last year it had fallen to 770,600. After the new price increase, circulation should drop like a stone! This reminds me what happened after Serpico blew the whistle on some NYPD cops who were shaking down drug dealers and "freelancing" while on duty. They were all transfered to Central Park where they could do the least harm to the honest, two-legged population of New York. It was said, at the time : What can the cops there do? - - - shake down the squirrels for their nuts? The Sulzbergers have a similar problem : squirrels can't read and don't have any spending money.
(NEWS FLASH : Rick Perry Stays in GOP Presidential
Nominating Race After Receiving a Fresh Infusion of Cash).

January 4, 2012 » Part 463 : Believe It or Not!
Since September 12, 2011 (CLICK HERE), the Club has received many incredible accounts of criminality in the NYPD and in the office of the District Attorney of Queens County (NYC). There is one - - - shall we call it an incident? - - - that takes the cake by far & away. Please keep in mind that all the "facts" have not been verified and that some of the "facts" are quite incredible and practically impossible to believe. So the overly curious will have to do their own sweaty hunting on the Internet, if they come away unsatisfied with what they have read here. Keep in mind that the only witnesses to this day are a trigger-happy cop, a "beautiful aerobics instructor," and a career criminal. So here goes something - - - we're just not sure what it is!
On the night of November 15, 2010 Detective Leopold McLean, who is one of Mayor Mike Bloomberg's bodyguards and who is known for wearing orange neckties, came home unexpectedly late that evening. He found a close friend, Lepaul Gammons, in bed with a woman ("beautiful aerobics instructor") whom McLean considered, until that moment, beyond reproach or turpitude. McLean drew his service weapon, but before he could fire, a naked Gammons managed to leap from the bedroom window. But as Gammons ran down 119th Road in Jamaica (Queens), McLean unleashed a withering volley of shots from the window ledge, hitting Gammons once in the buttocks, the bullet exiting Gammons' side without damaging his internal organs. After receiving the fleshy stripe, Gammons limped down an alley and hid behind a row of garbage pails, using a clumped up newspaper to staunch the bleeding. Local police, responding to numerous 911 calls, reporting a frenzied flurry of gunfire, were met by Detective McLean who reported that the "beautiful aerobics instructor" was about to be raped before he managed to scare away the would-be fiend by letting off some warning shots. Several days later a patched up Lepaul Gammons told his story to the Internal Affairs Division of the NYPD. McLean was then arrested on a charge of Attempted Murder. According to the New York Times, James Liander (affectionately known as "Brush Face"), Chief of the "Integrity Bureau" for the District Attorney of QueensJames M. Liander AKA Brush Face County, asked that bail be set at only $10,000 (yes, you read that right, Clubbers : only ten thousand dollars bail on a charge of Attempted Murder!). A few months after Detective McLean was arrested, Gammons would be arrested in turn, for running a chop shop and is now behind bars and threatening to sue the NYPD for having set him up on a phony sting operation. As far as could be ascertained - - - and believe us, our usual sources have clammed up! - - -  Detective Leopold McLean is still awaiting trial for Attempted Murder. But given the past history of the NYPD and the Queens DA, Clubbers are advised not to jump to any conclusions (always carry buckets, not grains, of salt where the NYPD & the Queens DA are concerned!).
If anyone has a photo of the "beautiful aerobics instructor" please e-mail it to italo@dtclub.info (no viruses, please!). We hope it was all worth it, guys! Do they still mount amateur productions of The Iceman Cometh in the can? - - - just asking!
The Latest Crop of Beautiful Special NYPD Aerobics Instructors???
(Don't Call Them Hookers, Whatever You Do!!!).

Jan. 3, 2012 » What is the Difference Between a Romney & Two Bushes?
(Not a Riddle).
Readers of this page know well that this writer is no fan of Mitt Romney. But he has not been guilty as charged, to wit, Romney is not in the same mold as Bush 1988 or Bush 2000. They used they Lefty Press as a means by which to hoodwink conservative Republicans. "No New Taxes" (1988) and "More Humble Foreign Policy" (2000) turned out to be but hollow slogans which were soon discarded when the Bushies were safely ensconced in office and conservatives would rightly feel betrayed. George HW Bush was harshly repudiated by getting only 38% of the popular vote in 1992 but George W. Bush manged to eke out 51% of the popular vote in 2004 by pretending that Osama bin Missing was still hiding somewhere in the bushes, ready to pounce at a moment's notice and steal away our freedoms. Romney's notable present campaign against Illegal Immigration should not be so surprising given the present circumstances. In 1988 the Internet did not exist. In 2000 the Internet was still in its infancy and still quite the novelty : then the Lefty Press was still very powerful in its long-running monopoly over political speech. In 2012 conservatives live in a world of a thousand Tory constellations : they are not constrained to go to any left-wing organ for news for lack of choice; and since 2000, they have learned to despise left-wing propaganda and learned to get along very well without it, and they are not forced to divorce themselves from a present knowledge of current events because that once loathsome news-monopoly has died. When Romney has secured the Republican nomination will he tack to the Left in order to gain favor with the reigning Lefty establishment as the Bushes did and Republicans always seem to do by dint of habit? A viable Third Party candidate, waiting in the wings, just might keep Mitt Romney "honest" and "conservative" through means of a healthy fear of political self-preservation.

January 2, 2012 » Not So Douce France Anymore . . .
An Internet rumor, which no one in the Sarkozy government will bother to deny, is that the population of the French prison system is now more than 50% non-White. The Shape of Things to Come in the general French population within 20 years?

January 1, 2012 (Last Day of Kwanzaa) » A Nation of Blithering Idiots . . .
A national polling organization recently surveyed the American people & only 48% of those asked said they thought that their Congressman was on the take! What does this tell you about the other 52%? We are doomed.

Dec. 31, 2011 » The Three Police Monkeys
(Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Say No Evil)
Detective Club of Jersey City
Crime is down in New York City. What is the explanation? Simple, pretend it never happened (for more info, CLICK HERE)! For two pictures of a thinking monkey, scroll down to December 3rd (granted, he looks pretty stupid!).

December 29, 2011 » Too Late!
Talking about Newt Gingrich is a complete waste of time. His political goose has already been thoroughly cooked, through & through. Newt has been going around Iowa lately, telling anyone who will listen (not many) that he wants to finish THE FENCE on our border with Mexico. But let it be instructive to future Republicans, who seek high national office : talking about granting Amnesty to Illegal Aliens is embarking on a political kamikaze mission, plain & simple - - - you will crash and burn as sure as you're born! Newt thought he was being brilliant and really, really clever when he came up with the idea of using community boards to grant Amnesty to Illegals who had managed to dodge the feds for 25 years (Obama's uncle for example!). But who would be on the community boards? Other Illegal Aliens? How do you prove that you've been here for 25 years? Go to the same forger who sold you a phony Social Security card and have him print out a quarter-century's worth of fake light bills or a lifetime subscription to the New York Times, good for door-to-door delivery in Queens or Mexico City for 50 bucks in perpetuity? Once again, we witness what happens when a Republican pants after true blue Democrat voters : bye, bye, Newt, we knew ye all too well! - - - it's back to your full time lobbying job and say hello to the blabbermouth boomerang! Yes, now you notice when it's too late , it always hits you with very sharp edges and winds up embedded in the back of your fat neck!

Dec. 28, 2011 » Elephants' Lack of Memory?
The chief reason that George HW Bush only got 38% of the popular vote in 1992 was his great fondness for foreign adventure-ism (after all he was ex-CIA), even after the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. One of the chief reasons (the others being reckless spending and Open Borders) that Republicans lost big in 2006 and even bigger in 2008 was the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and the subsequent occupation of those countries by US armed forces and highly-paid and attached mercenaries.
Question : What is Much Slower than a Jackass?
Answer : A Big, Lumbering, Ponderously Moving Beast!

And Ron Paul is some crazy defeatist radical for wanting to stay out of Third World entanglements?! Some elephants always forget and can never learn, no matter how much reality hits them over the head.

Dec. 27, 2011 » Is Ron Paul a 911 Truther?
As opposed to what? A 911 Liar? Remember they[?] hate us because they hate our freedoms (make a list and send it to me : those precious freedoms, which we once had, have been missing in action lately!).

Feast of Stephen (First Day of Kwanzaa), 2011
Part 463 : The Federal Government is Too Big
Of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives (ATF) criminal complicity in the Ruby Ridge killings and shootings (1992), the Waco Massacre (1993), and the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City (1995), much is known. The particulars of ATF malfeasance in these events have been described in detail elsewhere. What is truly remarkable is that Congress has never used ample evidence of ATF wrong-doing to defund that den of vipers. From 1995-2001 and from 2003-2007, Republicans controlled both houses of Congress; at any time during those ten long years, they could have unceremoniously pulled the plug by cutting off the monetary lifeline. Since passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968, all that the ATF has done is place obstacle after obstacle in the path of Americans who wish to purchase firearms to defend themselves (if rifles and pistols were legally banned in the entire United States, criminals would still be able to make their professional purchases on the thriving black market : i. e. wine and spirits during Prohibition; "illegal" narcotics since the 60s, etc.).

"Operation Fast & Furious" was just a money skim on the part of greedy, local ATF agents in Arizona that blossomed into a major embarrassment. These corrupt agents celebrated the election of Barack Obama by increasing pressure on federal firearms dealers, licensed by the ATF, to make more "straw" sales to the Mexican drug cartels. Always squeezed by the ATF, the licensed federal dealers had no choice but to dummy down and play nice in the ATF's criminal conspiracy with the cartels. This stark fact was well known in the highest echelons of the ATF : a few days ago, secret July, 2011 testimony to Congress, of ex-Director Ken Melson, was finally leaked to the Press for the first time : it appears that Melson claims that his Chief Intelligence Officer was fully aware of ATF's criminal relationship with the Mexican cartels. Melson testified : He [ATF Chief Intelligence Officer] didn't come in and tell me - - - and he's on the same damn floor as I am!

Congress has had ample opportunity to end the crime wave since 1968, but has never batted so much as an eye and has consistently shirked its oversight responsibilities for 43 years. Always feeding the beast fresh meat is no way to starve it.
Martin Bormann, (far right), Always Neglected to Tell Hitler Exactly
What was Going On During the Last Months of the Nazi Regime
(Photo Taken Just Moments after the Failed Assassination on Hitler [7-20-44]).

December 23, 2011 » Part 463 : Duh!
In response to an e-mail, provoked by yesterday's diary entry : the reasons politicians put the handicapped and simple-minded in high positions is that, not only do the incapable make the incompetent look good, they are easy to manage and damn what the public thinks. After 6 years of a White police commissioner who knew the job and didn't appear to be on the take, NYC Mayor Ed Koch went bottom-fishing when he designated Ben Ward in the Fall of 1983, to start work on January 1, 1984. Koch felt compelled to pick a Black guy, but not a Black guy who could do the job. He needed one who was so unequal to the task that, politically, he seemed to be the natural, cynical choice. But Ward's alcoholism had grown so acute by 1984 that managing his roaring dipsomania became a full-time job for Koch's flunkies. The cops in the prowl cars and on the beat immediately sensed this ridiculous state of affairs and started stealing everything that was not nailed down and then some (the explosion in the crack trade was because of Ward, not despite Ward, which remains a belief far outside the official politically correct line, maintained to this day). What is still perhaps the most unanswerable question was how Ward managed to hang on for 6 excruciating years! - - - he was forced to resign when Koch was defeated in the 1989 Democrat primary by David Dinkins (another story for another day). The 6 years of Koch & Ward, seemingly joined at the hip, had left New York in an out-of-control, moiling municipal wreck, absolutely overrun by police corruption and crooked contractors. Benjamin Ward gave a new and deeper meaning to the word BLACKMAIL during his 6 hellish and whiskey-sodden years as the city's Police Commissioner. It was a nightmarish tale of scum rising to the top and being crowned triumphant.

Dec. 22, 2011 » Stew Bums & Booze Hounds (. . . & Crack Dealers!).
This morning's edition of the Wall Street Journal brings news that the grandson of Benjamin Ward, the first Black Police Commissioner of New York City from 1984-1989, Khary Hoyle, has just graduated from the NYC Police Academy and is eager & prepared to hit the beat. Well, we wish you all the luck in the world! It would impossible to go about your assigned duties in worse shape than your grandfather did! He spent almost 6 years as New York's top cop on one long bender! So sozzled was he and so often, that he would disappear for days at a time while Mayor Koch's flunkies would lock him in his Queens home until they had dried him out (an impossible task!).
The most memorable moments of Ward's tenure?  - - - I have two instances in mind : once, when Ward was speaking at a community center about a rapist who was still at large, he blurted out, to a woman, who had been complaining all evening that the cops had not been sufficiently vigilant in catching the sex criminal, that she was "the type the rapist was looking for!" (too much whiskey will make you say really stupid things and cause permanent brain damage!); and second, when Ward's hophead "nephew" was finally shot while dealing crack at the south-eastern corner of Brookville Park in Queens, local detectives in the 105th Precinct (a bigger bunch of criminal misfits and low-IQ goons you will never see in ten lifetimes) claimed Ward's "nephew" was just an innocent bystander and there was no need to investigate further (the 105th Precinct had been running a thriving stolen-goods fence on nearby railroad property for years)! New York City Police Officer Khary Hoyle, you have to nowhere to go but up, because your granddad lived in a sewer of vice and iniquity for almost 6 years without getting his sorry drunk ass fired! Go forth and do not likewise!
Ben Ward
NYC Police Commissioner Ben Ward :
Never a Sober Moment!

Dec. 20, 2011 » I, Monster (The Autobiography of Barack Obama).
You can read it in ten minutes : CLICK HERE.

December 20, 2011 » Show Us Your Tits, Barney!
There always remains this crucial philosophical question : once you come out of the closet, how do you come out even more? Barney Frank appears to have rather indelicately answered the question the other day on the floor of the US House of Representatives. It is our custom, at the Club, to be unflinching and publish all photos, not matter how gruesome, but if we did, in this case, young children would be scarred for life and the horses might stampede!

Dec. 19, 2011 » The First Non-Speaking Russian Lesbian on a National Ticket?
As Newt Gingrich slowly sinks into the sunset, yammering away like a madman about arresting federal judges, a "whispering campaign" in DC has already begun to get Mitt Romney to pick Condi Rice for his vice presidential running mate. Not only would Ms. Rice be the first lesbian on a national ticket (in 2001, she went out one night and tied one on & told everyone in the bar that George W. Bush was her husband!), she would also be the first Russia "expert" who can't speak a word of Russian and understands even less when talking to Russian reporters in Moscow in English! Oh, those kookie GOPers! - - - always searching for new ways to throw a lead-pipe cinch election over to the Jackass Party! Who said the Republicans don't know how to practice being bi-partisan when the Lefty media tells them to?!
Kiss Me, You Fool!!!

December 18, 2011 » . . . All Gone.
What is in the drinking water that has turned this pathetic crop of Republican "candidates" into hollering circus clowns who fall all over themselves at the drop of a hat is beyond me! The latest somersault of logic  has been committed by Newt Gingrich. It seems that he cannot pay back the $1.6 million he got from Freddie Mac for lobbying Capitol Hill (it's a legal "activity," sad to say) because he spent all the money a really, really long time ago and his corner pawn broker refuses to take his wife's jewelery at a fair price! Newt claims he had high overhead back in the day (when George W. Bush invaded Iraq on account of the appalling fact that "they hate us because they hate our freedoms") - - - so here today, gone tomorrow, don't you know!

December 17, 2011 » Bravo! Opera News!
One thing that always struck the fancy of my maternal grandfather, who was born in Northern Italy in the 19th Century, was the ridiculous thickness of paper used in the United States. He died forty years ago (two months before Richard Nixon pulled us off the Gold Standard and opened the Gates of Hell), but if he were still around, he would be appalled at the thinness of paper these days. Pick up any American magazine or newspaper now, and the paper just disintegrates at the slightest touch! So it was with tears in my eyes, that I opened the January, 2012 issue of Opera News. Why, the ad on page 3 for Danielle de Niese's latest Baroque extravaganza left me with two deep paper cuts! It's nice to see that the publishers of Opera News refuse to compromise when in comes to the quality of their paper! I have to leave you now and donate to my local Blood Bank while I still have a free-flowing, fresh supply. Dracula is looking over my shoulder and he tells me that he is very thirsty and could use a drink!

December 17, 2011 » The Farce Continues . . .
Earlier this week former executives of defunct Washington Mutual Bank, after having been sued by the FDIC for 900 million dollars, settled for either 60 million $, 10 million $ or $400,000 : nobody seems to know for sure. Yesterday former executives of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were sued by the SEC for fraud. Perhaps Newt Gingrich, who got more than 1.6 million $ acting as an "historian" for Freddie Mac, will be able to settle on behalf of the "fraudsters" when it comes time to pony up peanuts and acorn shells (maybe it won't amount to more than a parking ticket?!). Still no orange jumpsuits and it looks like there never will be . . .

December 17, 2011 » The Blatherskite Falls to Earth.
The inevitable is happening : Newt Gingrich is beginning his predicable descent in the opinion polls. He remained aloft for a few weeks but, as they say, familiarity breeds contempt. That such a double-dealing, political for-flusher could, in reality, be a credible candidate for President of the United States, speaks volumes about the appalling ignorance which is, tragically, the national mindset. If Newt Gingrich were to actually win the Republican nomination, it would be nothing short of a killing body-blow for the GOP organization (some would say that that would be an end-result devoutly to be wished for?!). It is simply a thing incredible that Newt Gingrich had managed, even for a little while, to claim the mantle of front-runner! This article says it all and then some (CLICK HERE).

Dec. 15, 2011 » Can You Say HYPOTHECATION, Boy & Girls?
It turns out that John Corzine might not have to go to jail after all! - - - but he really does know where the $1.2 billion went.

Stick with me, Clubbers, I'm working on a steep learning curve when it comes to HYPOTHECATION, the polar bear pimp of the world's shadow banking system. It would appear that Corzine legally broke into his customers "segregated" accounts, because after the abolition of Glass-Steagall such an activity had become perfectly legal. In the City of London, the so-called repo market (the trading of securities called "repurchase agreements" is conducted on an overnight or extremely short-term basis and the "churn" (fees that Corzine's MF Global were getting for conducting these rapid trades) is lucrative. Even though Italian government bonds were slowly trending downwards during the first days of October, these bonds suddenly crashed in value by the end of the month. As in 2008, the "churn factor" (which simply means extreme counter-party involvement and a heavy reliance on the practice of fractional reserve banking by at least a factor of plus 4) caught up with the "segregated" accounts that Corzine had used as collateral and those accounts were then confiscated by MF Global's "exposed" counter-parties in a matter of hours, who were fighting between themselves to suck up MF Global's last remaining assets before bankruptcy was declared! So depositors with MF Global, who thought that their accounts could not be used to buy repos, discovered what the true consequences of the abolition of Glass-Steagall really means in the 2011 banking business. So John Corzine won't be going to jail after all (he is sending Christmas cards and thank you notes to Phil Graham, Bill Clinton, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, et al!).

For a full and reasoned account of HYPOTHECATION, CLICK HERE.

Dec. 14, 2011 » Just Keep the Cute Ones & Deport Everyone Else!
(The Salma Hayek Solution).
Were she to die tomorrow, Salma Hayek would be remembered for one thing : on a "fact-finding" mission for UNICEF to Sierra Leone, Senorita Hayek encountered a mal-nourished woman whose week-old baby was starving. Ever practical, Salma took off her top and then her bra and invited the woman's newborn to lunch (just take one look at the picture above : Salma Hayek is woman who never leaves home without taking along extra!). I assure you, I am not being facetious - - - as is here usually the custom! If you don't believe me you can look it up . . . on Wikipedia!

This little side diversion brings us to the main purpose of our talk. Today the New York Times features a heart-rending article about dual-nationals who were mistakenly detained by the US immigration authorities when they picked up for committing crimes state-side. One foxy lady, a dual national of the US and Spain, only had her Spanish passport on her when she was arrested (. . . for prostitution? - - - the Times doesn't say.). After being held for several days for US Immigration officers to transport her to a US detention facility for illegal aliens, it was discovered that she was also a citizen of the United States. She was then promptly released until the final disposition of the original criminal charges. Which brings us, in a roundabout way, to Salma Hayek. A big star in Mexican television, she wound up in Hollywood in 1991 and stayed on as an illegal alien! It was not until many years later that she got her first "green" card and would then become a US citizen (I wonder which plunging neckline she wore to the swearing-in ceremony?!). The moral of the story, you ask? In the Open Borders Age of Obama, it pays to be cute, particularly if you are picked up for hooking without your US Passport (never pull tricks without it, ladies!).

Dec. 13, 2011 » Even Ugly Gurls Get to Do the News!
Webster Hubbell's daughter (Chelsea Clinton) is now on the NBC Nightly News. Not everyone is pleased : "If my dog had a face like that, I'd shave its ass and teach it to walk backwards!," said one disgruntled viewer.

Dec. 11, 2011 »  Another Victory for the Jury System . . .
John W. Hinckley, Jr. tried to kill President Reagan in March, 1981 but only managed to wound him. A Black DC jury found him innocent by Reason of Insanity (most criminals are run-of-the-mill nutso but that's no reason to let them off the hook!). Until 2005, he has been locked up 24/7 in DC's most famous Loony Bin, St. Elizabeth's Hospital (Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot's mentor, did a very long stretch there, mostly for praising, while living in Rome during WW II, Mussolini and saying that the Federal Reserve System was nothing more nor less than a private banking cartel run by money-grubbing rabbis - - - hey, Ron Paul had better watch what he says!). But since 2005 Hinckley has had the run of the grounds asJodie Forster well as being allowed to take frequent day trips to nearby movie theaters and show up at his mother's house (she is 86 and getting on and just loves her boy and is happy to see him!) But big Johnny has been acting up lately : he lied when he told his psychiatrist that he had gone to the reduced-price, afternoon matinées of Captain America and Rise of the Planet of the Apes; instead he snuck into a book store, near the multiplex, and was spotted thumbing through books dealing with the British Rock 'n Rock Invasion of the 60s (the Secret Service agents assigned to always follow Hinckley are worried about his present state of mind because Mark David Chapman also likes to read the same books in the New York pen - - - Chapman was a better shot : when he went after John Lennon in December, 1980 he got close enough so he didn't wound or miss but he failed to manage to "swing it" at trial, so his jury refused to go for the excuse that he was bughouse crazy- - - Chapman would get Life).

Detective Club of Jersey City

There are some other things that have caused Hinckley's doctors to suffer concern : he keeps a "feral" cat in his room at St. Elizabeth's. The cat appears to be schizophrenic, for it will not allow a mop-up crew to approach without showing its claws and fangs after missing the litter box that Hinckley puts out for it. Hinckley once met a woman on one of his "day trips" and they became fast friends, but she moved to France to escape his attentions; now that she has moved back to the United States, she has expressly forbidden him to seek her out (Hinckley wants to rekindle this old "romance," or so he says). Hinckley also seems to be a bit of a two-timer : he says has proposed marriage to a female inpatient, whom his doctors have described as remarkably "florid" in her delusions (she once exposed herself to hospital staff while shouting Hinckley's name in a quite inappropriate & most indecent fashion, and, what's more, she likes to give a running exegesis on St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans in sarcastic tones, bordering on the most vicious blasphemy imaginable).


Hinckley will soon face a federal judge in hopes of convincing the court that he is getting better and is almost cured and should be let out on his own more often. Hinckley's chances of doing so appear to waver between Slim and None - - - and Slim has just left town!

December 10, 2011 » Praise the Lord (. . . and Go Slant Left).
On January 20, 2009 members of Washington Press corps acted as if they were witnessing the Second Coming of Christ. But they were wrong, so wrong. If it's going to happen anytime soon, well then, Tim Tebow is by far the most likely candidate to pull it off (. . . the angels wouldn't mind in the least even though they much prefer Baseball in Heaven over obvious blood sports)!
Slant Left

Dec. 9, 2011 » Why John Corzine Will Never Be Arrested for Embezzlement.
Not only does he know where all the bodies are buried, he holds the subprime mortgage for the cemetery.

Dec. 8, 2011 » Harry Hope's Last Chance Saloon!
Drink deep . . . in less than 4 weeks the Republicans begin the arduous process of choosing a presidential nominee. Step right through those doors & shout the bar! The biggest DIVE you ever saw!

December 6, 2011 » Part 463 : Every Cloud has a Silver Lining . . .
Think of it this way : if the Republicans nominate Newt Gingrich, instead of Mickey Mouse, then the Republicans will lose because there is certain be a Third Party candidate to the Right of Freddie Mac's best friend and that brake-away candidate would attract the votes of people whose intelligence has been completely insulted and utterly abused (in a head-to-head contest, even Mickey and Minnie Mouse could beat Obama and Biden). Any fiasco with Gingrich, marching at the front of an ass clown circus, would utterly destroy the Republican Party and wipe it completely off the face of the American political map for all eternity. Hallelujah!

December 5, 2011 » Part 463 : Another Dead Certainty . . .
You knew it was going to happen . . . once Barry became President, he would order "hands-off" at the Mexican border and the flood tide of Mexicans would truly commence in earnest. The cold hard statistics are in : for fiscal year 2011, which ended on September 30, only 327,577 border jumpers (otherwise known as illegal aliens) were arrested on our southern border. You have to go all the way back to when Richard Nixon was president (1969-1974) to find border apprehension numbers this low - - - and Janet Napolitano says that our southern border is secure! What a sick joke! The border fence, you ask? The only difference between it and swiss cheese is that the holes in swiss cheese are real and the holes in the border fence are phony because there is no border fence! We don't need no stinkin' border fence now that Mr. Janet is on the job!

Dec. 4, 2011 » Mitt Romney Says He Doesn't Like Grape Kool-Aid!®

Dec. 3, 2011 » Flashback 1999 : Psychosis in the NYPD . . .
Detective Club of Jersey City
"My wife and kids loved him and he loved us," Howard Safir said.
NYPD Sergeant Gary Politi, 38, died Friday at St. Vincent's Hospital from what Safir said at the time appeared to be a "a self-inflicted gunshot wound." The incident took place at the apartment of Politi's girlfriend near Union Square in Manhattan. Previous reports that the apartment, where Politi's body was found, was a significant part of an extensive "call girl" network have now been deemed totally unfounded by NYPD investigators.
Yesterday, NYPD Insp. Michael Collins, a police spokesman, said the shooting "is still under investigation." "He was sensitive, smart and the world's greatest prankster," Howard Safir added, relating how, after NYPD bodyguard Gary Politi discovered a nail in one of Safir's car tires and someone in the department's maintenance section refused to fix it, saying "We don't do plugs," Politi ordered four new tires for Safir's car, although it had only been driven 1,500 miles.
"He was forever taking care of people," NYPD Police Commissioner Howard Safir said.
Gary Politi was estranged from his wife and had a 14-year-old daughter Jacqueline, to whom Safir, the mayor and police chaplain, the Rev. Robert Romano, addressed a portion of their remarks.
"You were his princess," said Romano to her in his eulogy.
"We all loved your dad. We all love you," Police Commissioner Howard Safir said.

December 3, 2011 » Killer District Attorney, on the Loose!
On a bright, sunlit morn in 1973, a child, newly minted and as innocent as Jesus, was born in Haiti. The next news that he makes in this big, old world is in 1990, when he is arrested in Florida at the age of 16. Because he is a minor, US Immigration authorities label him as "low priority" and refrain from deporting him. His real name is unknown. His alias in the United States is Reggie Gousse (surname pronounced "goose"). In the borough of Queens (a part of New York City) he is again arrested after committing a series of violent felonies in 1992. He serves six years in various upstate penitentiaries. So far this is the standard Third World un-success story that has been played out on too many occasions since the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act. But stay with me a little while longer . . .

On February 26, 2004 Reggie Gousse is again in a Queens courtroom but this, as one courthouse wit would later comment, is his lucky day! His six-year sentence for his 1992 crimes (felonies) is bargained down to 5 months (misdemeanors) in order to take his good name, such as it is, off the US Immigration registry of absconding aliens (Gousse had been issued a final order of deportation in November, 1997, but he had chosen to ignore it [who wouldn't?!]). Again on March 24, 2004 he copped away his copious time in the pen down to simply time already served, so he was able to walk out of NYS Supreme Court for the County of Queens as free as a bird with the Office of the Queens District Attorney promising not to report him to US Immigration authorities as an absconder. What a lovely going-away present from the Queens DA!

Now this is where this story gets more than a little tricky, Clubbers! According to 2 very reliable sources, Gousse got a famously crooked criminal defense lawyer to run a nice, big, fat bag into the Queens DA's office on his behalf. But none of these 2 very reliable sources are willing to put pen to paper and sign a notarized affidavit backing up what they are willing to state in private. Now, Clubbers, you need not be reminded that Detective Club of Jersey City does not in any way, shape, manner, or form possess the financial resources of the Wall Street Journal nor the New York Times, so naming the bagman, without benefit of willing witnesses, would be an express train to an absolutely gargantuan libel suit which Detective Club of Jersey City would have no hope of winning in civil court!

But wait, there's more! On January 5, 2005, in Nassau County, New York, Reggie Gousse attempted to rob and carjack an assistant bank manager on his way home from work. According to the Nassau PD, Gousse's victim broke free from Gousse's clutches and tried desperately to escape altogether by running across a manicured suburban lawn : but ultimately to no avail; for as he did so, Gousse emptied his semi-automatic, killing his would-be robbery victim outright with 3 slugs in the back. While he was being led out of NYS Supreme Court for the County of Nassau, a year later, Reggie Gousse, after being sentenced to Life without parole for Murder, laughed and grinned at the widow of his very last victim. Perhaps the reason was that he had triumphantly evaded, by hook or crook, US Immigration authorities for 16 years - - - his "luck" having finally run out for good. Obama would be elected in 2008 and institute, by unlawful executive order in August of 2011, a rolling amnesty for all illegal aliens in the United States, but Reggie Gousse's 9 lives, when it came to bribe-able public officials, had finally been absolutely used up!

The Queens District Attorney, you ask? He was reëlected again, last month. Justice always wins in the end! But only murderers were laughing and grinning at the polls this past November . . .

December 2, 2011 » Herman Cain : What Next, Welfare Moms?!
Detective Club of Jersey City
Welfare Mothers Make Better Lovers!
- - - Neil Young.
Now that what seems like half the female population of the United States has slept with Herman Cain, who is on a lifetime mission to help women everywhere meet their rent; all things being equal, it is hours or days before he quits the race for the Republican presidential nomination (we told you so, months ago, that the 999, Federal Reserve, Pizza Boy would turn out to be a colossal joke, Clubbers, but even we didn't imagine that things could get this ridiculous!). If Cain had gotten $17 million in up-front money, he could have stayed in the race until the convention (and helped a lot of women pay their rent along the way!) - - - Rick Perry will only get into bed with illegal aliens & pay-to-play capitalists : hence the $17 million - - - all the other sexual rumors about "Slick Rick" are still hanging out there somewhere but nobody seems to care at this point!

November 30, 2011 » Play Ball!
Rather than announce his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, Bobby Valentine has decided to accept the far more satisfying offer of managing the Boston Red Sox for the 2012 season instead.
Detective Club of Jersey City

Nov. 29, 2011 » Two or Three Moves Ahead of the Rest of Us (Again)!
Considering all the folderall over Newt Gingrich's "compassionate CONservative illegal immigrant Amnesty," stop and consider what was in the news before this fresh stormy "controversy" broke. Right - - - the fact that lobbyist Gingrich took $1.6 million + just to tell Freddie Mac to stop doing what it was doing and kept on doing until the US taxpayer was left holding the 400 billion dollar bag (giving mortgages to people - - - including illegal aliens - - - who could never possibly make their monthly payments). While you were napping, Newt just gobbled up one on your rooks and grabbed one of your knights and is now planning to perpetrate a ballsy pawn sacrifice.
God, he's good! Newt would have made a fantastic pimp in any low-IQ ghetto! He's always two or three moves ahead of the rest of us! That dude's slicker than Super Fly! He's the Freddie Mac Daddy of us all!

November 28, 2011 » Sexing the Gerbil . . .
Congressman Barney Frank will announce his retirement from politics this afternoon. He intends to spend his golden years in Massachusetts with his prize collection of performing gerbils. You might not be able to tell the difference, but rest assured, after years of practice, Barney can and he is eager to show you how he can!


November 27, 2011 » The Dead Kennedy, the NYT's Phony War Hawk.

In the all-encompassing freak show, which the United States has become (how about that woman who, to jump the long line at a post-Thanksgiving day sale, pepper-sprayed everyone in the crowd around her!), columnists in the Dead Tree Press now resort to sensationalism rather than facts.


Ross “Don’t Do That” in the New York Times has trotted out the old chestnut that President Kennedy was preparing to amp up US involvement in Vietnam before that fateful day in Dallas when he was assassinated.  The argument that Kennedy would have gone all in, regarding Vietnam, can ever be satisfactorily resolved.  Kennedy was, after all, a politician and would have been susceptible to the pressures and foibles that all politicians are forever prone to be tempted.  But we do have the facts, such as they were, and the facts are the facts!  Faced with a South Vietnamese government that was comically corrupt and grossly incompetent, in late August of 1963, Kennedy gave the go-ahead to encourage the South Vietnamese officer corps to stage a coup against the dictatorial civilian leadership (Diem and Nhu).  On the first day of November, the coup got under way. Diem and Nhu were arrested and summarily executed in such a brutal manner that the CIA station chief went out of his way to disown American involvement to the world press (yeah, right!).  The news of the killings reached the White House just as Kennedy was planning to board a helicopter for the DC airport for a transfer to Air Force One and a brief trip to Chicago, where a four-member sniper team was waiting for him in a part of that city where the urban layout was uncannily like that of Dealey Plaza.  The trip was canceled and Kennedy’s assassination postponed for 20 days.


Let’s not also forget that during the previous month, Kennedy had told His Defense Secretary, Robert McNamara, to plan for a complete withdrawal from South Vietnam after the 1964 presidential election.


But the Sage at the New York Times disregards these pertinent facts and concocts a grotesque history, which these days masquerades as the final historical word on the subject of the early stages of American military involvement in Vietnam.  "Don’t Do That" states, with accompanying bluster, that Kennedy’s “slow motion military escalation established a strategic template that Lyndon Johnson followed so disastrously.”  As I have said, it can’t be stated for certain what a living Kennedy would have done on November 23, 1963, but I sincerely doubt that a live Kennedy would have countenanced the False Flag that was the Gulf of Tonkin “Incident” in August, 1964.  That little bit of chicanery was completely of Lyndon Johnson’s own making! And so it goes with the Dead Tree Press : if the facts are not on your side, mercilessly distort them to the point where you hope they resemble some sort of reality for people who are not paying attention. It would also appear that Truth suffered a fatal head wound on November 22, 1963.

November 27, 2011 » Part 463 : Fantasy Land.
According to the Washington Post, throngs of admirers, like little puppy dogs, have been following Newt Gingrich, from place to place, in Florida. Must be crazed, unemployed lobbyists, desperately seeking work - - - at this rate of ascent, Gingrich will win in a landslide next November . . . on K Street!

Nov. 26, 2011 » What was Once So Easy
Turns Out to be Harder Than Concrete
Jerry Lewis once said the reason Dean Martin liked to read comic books, to the exclusion of newspapers and all ponderous tomes, was because it was easy (it is also such fun - - - all those pictures! - - - I plead guilty, too! - - - Go out & buy the latest Catwoman and Swap Thing right away - - - they're simply neato torpedo!).
But Dino wasn't the only man ever born, who liked to take the easy way out : that is what the American electorate did in 2008 - - - they took what looked liked the smooth road over the hard road, only to discover that the smooth road ended abruptly at the edge of a cliff. Impeach the bastard before it's too late (now that I mention it, where's his father's marriage certificate?).

November 26, 2011 » . . . Only a Flush Away!
As a public service, Detective Club of Jersey City takes supreme pleasure in notifying its members of an extremely inexpensive means of hooking up fully reliable WiFi capability. This do-it-yourself method will save each & every member hundreds of dollars in ISP fees during the forthcoming months. For the easy-to-do details as a well as a sanitary rubber glove at no extra charge, CLICK HERE!
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Every Inch of Sunnyvale, California is Now Covered
By Free WiFi Service (Residents are Cordially Reminded to Pay Their Property Taxes Promptly)

Nov. 25, 2011 » Ok, Boys & Girls, Let's Play a Little Game . . .
With the exception of 2000 (when slavish Socialist John McCain came up short against wishy-washy "compassionate" George W. Bush), the Lefty media has, since 1988, always chosen the Republican nominee for President to its peculiar liking and this year is no exception : favorites Timmy Polenta,  and Rick "Open Borders & Pay to Play" Perry have crashed and burned while "Midget" Mitch Daniels and "Big Boy" Chris Christie, both liberal GOP Governors, have refused to take the bait (they would have to run as "conservatives," for both a truly impossible task --- oh, the absolute horror!). Now the Lefty ink-slingers & camera-clickers seem to have developed a weird fascination for Newt "Freddie Mac & Open Borders" Gingrich. I say a weird fascination because, in 1995 and 1996, the Lefty media would never pass up a chance to shit all over him at any given opportunity! Mitt Romney's stock just seems to increase with each passing day! There must be celestial hope, after all, for the GOP flip-flopper statesman! It could happen on January 20, 2013 : the man in White House, who would have the power to start enforcing US immigration law and order the ATF to stop selling guns to the Mexican cartels, just might be bold enough to go ahead and do it! OMG, then there really is a Santa Claus who lives in sin with the Easter Bunny in a subprime igloo at the North Pole! Can it be true? - - - be still my foolish, beating heart!

Thanksgiving Day » Newt Gingrich's Favorite Movie.
"Fat, Drunk, & Stupid is No Way to Go Through Life."

November 22, 2011 » 2008 + 2011 = More of the Same!
Remember Bernie Madoff? I'm sure you do, but I'm also sure it is for the wrong reason! He was the only bigwig from the Wall Street scandals of 2008 to wind up in an orange jumpsuit. Every other crook there contributed to Obama's presidential campaign and got a Stay-Out-of-Jail card or, better yet, a job in the new administration (Goldman-Sachs always preferred!). It seems poor Bernie was the only one to be caught & jugged!

DT CLUB - - - Birds of a Feather

According to the big Lefty Media : Republicans Always Bad, Democrats Usually Good! That explains why John Corzine is still as free as a bird even after committing blatant embezzlement! If you're a Democrat in fine standing, you can't be indicted. That's why they call it public service (go on, serve yourself & slip a few thou' to the prosecutors while you're at it!).

Nov. 22, 2011 » Newt Gingrich : The Next Place Holder?
Newt Gingrich is "surging" in the polls - - - that means he is getting all of 15%. But these polls were taken before it became common knowledge that he took almost $2 million from Freddie Mac for lobbying work on Capitol Hill (for pushing crap mortgages, which would wind up being eaten by the federal taxpayer). Taking such dirty money and boasting about it afterwards should be the Kiss of Death, even for a shameless CONservative like Gingrich. Gingrich, a big proponent of racial preferences for Blacks, who, as a bloc, voted for John McCain to the tune of 3% in 2008 (43% of Whites voted for Obama), and Amnesty for Illegal Aliens (he is also happy to be seen fraternizing with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi). Gingrich is quite the tireless motormouth & is capable of saying practically anything at anytime when he thinks it will be to his advantage, which, for the Newtie, is 24/7!

Harold Stassen had his moment in the sun when he gave Tom Dewey a close run for the Republican presidential nomination in 1948 but faded before the convention (Stassen, until he dropped dead in 2001, while wearing an incredibly bad toupee that made 3 dead squirrels proud, would become a perpetual candidate for President, and an all-purpose political joke who became a shameless fool in his own right, like Newt). That Gingrich actually managed to achieve 15% in the polls before he said something incredibly stupid is, for him, a tremendous accomplishment! He claims he talked to anyone who would listen at Freddie Mac to stop doing what they were doing, i. e. giving mortgages to people who couldn't afford to make the monthly payments! - - - hey, an inebriated bum near a garbage can on a dead-end street would have told Freddie Mac much the same thing and charged a lot less than $1.8 million for giving such advice! But that's our Newtie : his yap never stops moving, always in hyper speed! He stopped making sense a long, long time ago but the cameras just keep on rolling!

November 21, 2011 » RiRi Joins the Super Committee . . .
And Not a Moment Too Soon!
The other night Rihanna showed up on UK TeeVee to sing her latest mega hit. But she pulled a fast one on the censors : painted on one shoe was the word FUCK, and on the other, the word OFF - - - but please permit us, we, the true Rihanna fans, to soberly consider, when all is said and done, and to assess (doesn't Rihanna have a great ass, thought!) where the truly horrible aberrant behavior, in this world, really lies. Smoking-hot entertainers from Barbados, who have a deep psychotic need for attention, while holding a contrary repugnance for mobbing fans and voyeuristic photographers, are not the only candidates for a little head-shrinking! Old, White politicians from Washington also seem to have an inordinate love of the limelight, while displaying a virulent detestation for the native intelligence of the voting public. The Super Committee? Wow, that was one sick joke which went on for all of 3 months too long!